Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasy

So my mind was spinning trying to think about what to blog about. What fetish fantasy should I toss down. Then I remembered a certain cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy I did last week. Now I know that is something I have blogged about a time or two but come one can you blame me when the fantasies are just so hot?

cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy

Well thankfully a certain gentleman who loves being cucked by myself had called last week seeking to be my unfuckable boyfriend yet again. Sure he is great in every other way. Loves and worships my body. Is beyond faithful and loyal to me but see I have this issue of being loyal to him and his cock.

Its an alright size but he just doesnt do it for me. He cant make me cum hard and repeatedly like the other lovers I have had in the past. So you cant really blame me for seeking a new pillow pal. So when I am at work I find a few dreamy big dick guys to give me that pounding. My guy is so gullible that he believes me when I say I have a few things to work on and will be a few more hours. Little does he know that I am getting every bit of my body pounded by those amazing big fat cocks.

Gawd are they amazing.

Our last fantasy had me leaving looking the picture perfect office exec my black pencil skirt, red silk blouse and hair up in a very sleek bun. Came home with stains dripped down the front of my blouse. My hair a matted mess and a white smear on the back of my skirt.

Sure he asked questions. Ones that he might not of been prepared for but I was more than ready to let him in on the truth in our cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy. Every messy, sticky detail of the truth.

Course I only told him after I made him start to lick up the cream pie. Ohhh wait that is sort of jumping to the middle of the story. There is so much more to this cuckold fantasy. Think you best call and let me make you my bitch boyfriend!

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

cheating girlfriend phone sex

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Erotic Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Happy New Year!

Before you ask mine was a very quiet new years this year. Ended up staying home and just watching movies in between erotic phone sex calls. No thats not how I intended to spend my NYE but its just how it happened. Mainly due to the weather the last week.

erotic phone sex

Where I am located was hit with the storm of the century so most my friends didnt have power till around Christmas and pretty much everyone was cleaning up or accessing the damage. So we just decided to forgo the big party thing and keep it quiet.

First I was sort of like ehhhh NYE alone that bites! Then I kind of got into the idea. Grabbed a bunch of munchies made my favorite dish for dinner and sat back in my tshirt n panties watching some movies.

Ohhh and add in the erotic phone sex calls from you guys it kind of ended up being the perfect night. I know weird right?

Seems I wasnt the only one spending the night home alone either. A number of you opted to give your favorite erotic phone sex girl a call and end the year being teased and denied a bit. Nothing like ringing in the new year with some blue balls. Ok so perhaps you didnt intend to have blue balls but you know I cant help but deny you and orgasm or two.

Its just so much fun!

Perhaps 2019 should be the year of denial. I am actually liking the idea the more I think about this. See how long you can have your cock edged. You can give me a call at the number below.

Just ask for Arianna.

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

erotic phone sex gfe

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Bisexual Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

So I was sucking on my first candy cane of the holiday season. I cant say that I am a big lover of candy canes but every so often you just gotta dive in and have one to bring back that flash of Christmas delight. Course as I was sucking that long thin stick my kinky phone sex fetish brain clicked in. I can never really help myself when it will activate. But my mind ran off into cock teasing and then into cock sucking and well bisexual phone sex fantasies.

bisexual phone sex fantasy

See the idea of twirling that stick in my mouth had me wondering if any of you wanna be cock suckers are out there sucking on them peppermint sticks and thinking if only it was a real dick!

Perhaps thats your Holiday wish this season to actually take a big thick cock down the back of your throat!

Now I cant bring you a cock for Christmas. Wish I could but you know logistics and all. But what I can do for you is one hot, no taboo, cock sucking bisexual phone sex fantasy. Ok so that is a mouthful but I just really wanted you to get use to using your mouth to its full potential haha.

So if your in the mood for some bisexual fantasy fun that has you dropping to your knees to run your tongue up and down a throbbing hard cock then give me a call. Cause I know I am in the mood today to have some naughty fun.

Course we can make it a hot threesome or a cuckold fantasy or just you and that cock. I am flexible when it comes to kinky fantasies like that.

Just ask for Arianna!

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

erotic phone sex gfe

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Sensual Tease Phone Sex Vixen Arianna

Now every girl who does phone is rather different. We all have different styles and enjoy talking about different things on the phone. Myself… I am a tease at heart. My soft voice lends itself to being a sensual domme but I really have to say I am a soft sensual domme. That means I love to tease. So if your idea of being dominated by a woman has you getting teased endlessly by a soft voiced vixen then Helllo! I am the girl for you.

sensual tease phone sex

What does this mean for me. Well I am not gonna be yelling orders to you. That hardcore dominatrix stuff is wicked and I envy the girls who can do it but I cant. Not sure why. I prefer to be more the gfe type indulging in the cuckold type fetishes and fantasies where I tease you by denying you my pussy cause I want a real man. Then there is the humiliation of making you suck cock cause well I can.

I am more into the sensual art of dominating someone. The taking my time and exploring the fetish verse the quick trip to the end.

Why do I mention this?

Well cause it was something that sort of arouse during my last call. Not that he was complaining I wasnt some strict domme but more that is what attracted him to me. He had read my blog and loved that I was more a sensual tease phone sex vixen. Someone who would take my time and explore every facet of his fetish.

That we were on no time crunch. Our time was really to be spent on rewiring his thinking into being the perfect pet for me…. His new sensual mistress. Or as he called me his Angel.

Gotta say that did have a nice ring too it.

Yes I know I am teasing you right now as you read this both him and you, wondering what am I training him to be?

Well simply I am training him to be a cock sucking slut. See he will soon be on his knees at every wonderful gloryhole and bathhouse in Atlanta sucking back loads of cock. This is the first introduction to the Atlanta gloryhole slut. He is off figuring out what size dildos to buy so he can impress his sensual tease phone sex vixen with his new cock sucking abilities.

Looking forward to the wonderful journey with you AGS!


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Naughty Girl Next Door Fantasy with Arianna

Just home after a rather longer than expected trip back home for Thanksgiving. Was suppose to only be 2 days but I got sick and well if your gonna get sick it might as well be near your mom so she can look after you. So my 2 days turned into 4 I think.

naughty girl next door fantasy

Not complaining cause it was rather nice to be pampered and looked after when I wasnt feeling so hot. Thankfully I am back to my usual cock teasing self. Though my time at home and sleeping in my old bedroom did get me thinking about some naughty phone sex role plays. You know the type of being the naughty girl next door that teases the married man. Doing those not so innocent strip teases in my bedroom.

Yes I was that girl who would open my blinds and turn on my lights so the guy next door got an eyeful. Letting him watch as I danced around in my room to some pop song in my tshirt and panties. Or worst yet I was walking back and forth in front of my open window undressing. Some times I would take my shirt off right in front of him. Pretended I had no idea he was in his office, least I am assuming it was his office at the time. Either way he would quickly turn the light off so it looked like he wasnt there and then sneak back to the window to watch my antics.

Always laughed when he came over to hand out with my dad for football night or what ever cause I would bounce into the tv room to say hi and he would blush. So I know he was watching me. Made me feel dirty in some ways and excited me in others. To know that an older married man couldnt help but watch me strip.

How about you did you have a naughty girl next door?

Or maybe you have a girl next door type of fantasy. Just think that naughty girl is now doing phone sex and teasing men on the phone. Hot isnt it?

Just ask for Arianna!

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CFNM Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

cfnm phone sex fantasy
So a late night of cfnm phone sex calls had me spacing out in my fitness class today. The usual female instructor was sick and they subbed in this very hot guy who is a trainer there. So one of those seen him around the place.

There I am in the back of the class cause all the MILFs were cramming to be up front staring at his ass in his workout wear. Sure I had wanted to be in front of the class but gotta say hanging out in the back with the other 20 something girls did make for an interesting thought process.

I envisioned that my instructor was completely naked and the class was nothing but hot, sexy vixens in their 20’s. We all would giggle every time he turned around. Just imagine his cock bouncing up and down to the beat of the music and course with our sexy giggles he couldnt help but be some what aroused.

Now that wasnt the best part about the clothed female/ naked male fantasy for it had me thinking it would be exciting is after class after all our laughing and pointing at his cock bouncing around. We took our work out towels and hung them on his cock. To see how many he could hold up. The weight of those towels pushing his errection down towards the floor. Now it wasnt just to measure the strength of his erection no it was also to see how many towels laid out on it.

Now I almost got busted with my wild train of thought over this cfnm fantasy. See as I kept running different scenarios over in my head of ways to humiliate this instructor I started to giggle and well my sexy giggle had him looking over my way all through class.

Do you have a cfnm phone sex fantasy? Love to hear it.

Talk to you soon, Arianna

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Erotic Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

When it comes to phone sex fantasies I always keep an open mind. Find its more interesting to just allow myself the chance to explore others fetishes and fantasies. To listen to what excites them about certain things.

phone sex fantasies

I am the first to admit that I wont know something about a certain fetish after all there are so many out there. How could I possibly be an expert in them all. I just cant. Plus how you will interpret it will be different than the last person. So I can not even begin to comprehend what will arouse you.

Now admitting that I dont know certain fetishes shocks guys. They almost have to take a step back and are like did this erotic phone sex girl just say she didnt know anything about my fetish???

Why lie?

I mean sure I could say Yes I know all about it but the minute you get on the phone with me your gonna clue in that I have no fucking idea what I am doing. Instead I rather be honest and admit when I dont know something about your fetish. That way you have the chance to decide if you want to share your fantasy with me and talk about the basics. What gets you excited. Or move on to a girl who will know about your particular fantasy.

Never am I insulted. This is your time and your fantasy. You should get exactly what your looking for. I just hope that when your in the mood to share your first time experiences or what makes you excited about your fetish you call me. For I love learning new things when it comes to phone sex fantasies.

Now that I am done shocking you that an erotic phone sex girl is actually honest about her knowledge of fetishes. I will leave you with my number. Oh and let you know that if your looking for a girl to rock your world when it comes to blue balls, cuckolding or teasing then I am your girl.

Talk with you soon, Arianna

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Phone Sex Sissy Boy Dress Up Fun with Arianna

How many sissy boys are out there enjoying the summer fashions that are in the stores? From the few guys I have spotted in the women’s section of some local clothing shops I say quite a few are indulging in the flowy summer dresses. Loving the short and maxi dresses with the vibrant summer colors.

sissy boy phone sex

Before I started to doing fetish phone sex in general I never paid much attention to those guys. Just assumed they were brave enough to buy clothes for their girlfriends. However, NOW that I have chatted with a few phone sex sissy boys I know that those men holding up the cute clothes in the women department are probably buying the stuff for themselves.

I especially giggle when I see a guy in the clearance section for if sissy phone sex has taught me anything you guys love a good bargain for your secret fetish play. This way you can get even more pretty clothes to dress up in for the weekend.

So tell me what item of clothing or lingerie have you bought this summer that has your sissy self feeling super girlie?

Love to hear what grabs your attention when your out shopping. Perhaps it was something you never thought you would like.

Know for myself there is always one item I will buy be it a color or style that I end up just loving. I am super girly and love wearing dresses through the summer. From fun flowery prints to just plain and simple. Short or long. I cant get enough of those summer dresses.

Ok sissy boys give me a call and lets have some dress up fun.

Chat about clothing, make up and more.

Just ask for Arianna.


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Hot Teacher Phone Sex Role Play with Arianna

Yesterday I got to be one bad teacher in a student/teacher phone sex role play. I know most would expect me to probably play the part of the student but with this particular guy he is rather hot for teacher.

Our fantasy usually has him being kept behind after class due to him being distracted or just not looking like he is grasping the stuff we are covering in class. Course being the observant teacher I have to find out what is going on and why he isnt staying on top of things.

hot teacher phone sex role play

This time our hot teacher phone sex role play was one where he was distracted. As I am questioning why he was distracted and that he could simply tell me anything its all for his improvement in class. Trying not to have him fall behind you know. I am pacing in front of him in my dark pencil skirt and black patent leather pumps, trying to tidy up the class. Bending over and what not.

Course his eyes are watching my hips sway back and forth. Listening to my heels on the tiled floor.

The blood starts to flow in his body and well his pants are getting tighter and tighter. Which has him fidgeting even more than he was in class.

Typical style he wont open up to me and my sitting on the corner of my desk to talk to him with my shoe slipping on and off my heel really isnt helping him.

Seems this naughty student has a bit of a foot fetish and looking at my sexy heel slip in and out is driving him mad with excitement. He wants to look but cant. A few more slips and he is breaking telling me how he is distracted in class by myself. All he wants to do is watch me walk around in sexy shoes.

Now of course there is far more to this hot teacher phone sex fantasy but for now I am gonna just leave you with that tease. I mean you knew I would be a tease as a teacher right?

You can have me be your naughty teacher in your very own student/teacher fantasy. Am just a phone call away.

Just ask for Arianna when the dispatcher answers.

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Body Worship Phone Sex with Sensual Domme Arianna

All this nice weather has got me longing for a body worship phone sex fantasy. The sort that starts out with teasing you with some part of my body. Most likely the area that will make your cock throb in your pants. See I think body worship starts long before your hands or mouth even reach my skin it starts with the mental play.

Seeing me across the table with that dress thats dip down low enough to show my cleavage that happens to be pushed up just perfectly.

body worship phone sex

Catching a glimpse of the lace from my bra.

Watching as my necklace rises and falls with each breath.

Wishing you were my necklace at that particular moment.

Then remembering its not nice to just stare.

Wishing you could stare without being rude.

Not caring its rude cause in your mind you have taken my dress off 50 different ways.

See your heart is already racing and you havent laid a single finger on me. Your cock is getting that aching feeling with only your fantasies of what you would do to my body. That is what I am talking about. The tease before the body worship starts.

For then when you do manage to get to the body worship. When your allowed to touch and savor my body your cock is aching beyond believe and my body does become that temple of sinful delight. The temptation has been built up so much in your mind that you simply can not stand it.

For its in that moment of temptation that I take control.

Take control of your body and the way you interact with mine.

Your cock will throb harder and harder for me.

I will be the one to tell you when your allowed to touch not just my body but yours as well.

See being a sensual domme is so much fun when you add in a splash of teasing.

So who is ready for some body worship phone sex with this sexual teasing domme? Just have to ask for Arianna.

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