Cum Eating Fantasies with Arianna

Cum eating fantasies. I know most of you have it in the back of your mind and its either one of those situations that is either a Hmmmm yes please or a ehh can do without thanks.

Now being a sensual phone sex tease I am not one to judge anyone’s kink or what gets them excited in anyway. But when it comes to cum eating fantasies it is always interesting to hear the responses haha. I mean that eh thing but yet when I describe a fantasy where I am giving this amazing sensual blow job and part way through stop to give a deep french kiss. That moan a guy gives is insanely hot and yes in the back of my mind I am smiling going do you even realize I have precum on my lips and tongue right now? That your sucking your own juices off my tongue and moaning for more?

cum eating fantasies

The yes guys of course are in heaven with a cock ready to burst when I ask if they can taste themselves on my lips or tongue. They will do anything to hear more of me going from their cock to kissing them and even beg for me to share that snowball of hot jizz with them. Or well the description of them cumming in my mouth before they actually orgasm cause the do want to finally release everything at that moment I deep kiss their very own load in to their mouths. Granted I do make it sound far hotter on the phone vs typing it out. I mean I get into it far more with the moaning and heavy breathing from the man on the other end of the phone. You know.

Course this is about those eh guys. Why is it about them? Well cause of a conversation the other night about a guy saying he never really thought about eating his cum till after I told him too. That sensual way I have that he just cant resist and suddenly a thought that was never there is something he just was wanting to do. That urge to please me and make me happy. With my saying how about you taste that precum and hearing me giggle with delight had him wanting to do more and well more to hear that happiness in my voice.

To feel that radiance through the phone and before he knew it my happiness was making him cum and well scooping that load up. Now with each call he is sitting there hoping I will ask him to please take a taste. Actually I think he will even say May I eat my cum for you? Will it make you happy if I did?

Sounds exciting doesnt it? Would you like to explore that level of happiness during your own cum eating fantasy call? The number is below I look forward to hearing from you.

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

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