Body Worship Fantasy with Arianna

Its probably the latest heat wave that is messing with my mind but if you were to ask me right now what was on my mind as to a fetish topic but body worship is all that comes to mind. I just want to lay here and have you worship my entire body from my feet to breasts and back again.

Yes this does make me sound like a bit of a pillow princess and I am not gonna apologize for that in the slightest. For the sensual domme/ tease in me is going but of course I am a princess and well who wouldnt want to just lay back and allow a man to just lavish their body with sexual attention.

Most men will say being a pillow princess is a bad thing but I never view it that way. Now if you roll your eyes at that then you are not the one I am wanting to have worship my body anyways. For a man seeking to actually worship a woman’s body to lavish their full attention on pleasing a woman will see my view of being a pillow princess as the most wonderful statement ever. For they will adore the fact all I want to do is lay back and just have you do what you do best and that is kiss your way up my body.

Lick those special spots.

Bring enjoyment to my entire being.

Yes I will tease you every so often for dont think just cause I am allowing you the beauty of my body to worship that you will have total and complete access to it. NO! I am a sensual domme after all which does mean I will control where you tongue, hands, fingers go. Pillow princess or not. I want my pleasure to go on and on and on. Ok and your teasing to last as long as possible.

So anyways back to the idea of you worshiping my body. The number is below and my name is Arianna so now you know what is expected of you when you place that call. Look forward to teasing you very soon. Oh and I do other such wonderful kinky fetish phone sex calls too but today just in the mood for a body worship fantasy.

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

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