Sensual Tease Fantasy with Arianna

Sensual tease is what I enjoy.

Some will call this various things from sensual domination to cock control perhaps even orgasm edging. For me its really all about wrapping you around my finger and just taking you on this amazing erotic journey that has your body tingling with so many sensations its not even sure what is happening any more.

sensual tease

Its that sensation you feel when you close your eyes and someone runs their nails over your skin and the goose bumps pop up. The fine hair starts to raise. You have no control and there is that love hate to it all for you want them to touch you and end that madness brewing in your mind but at the same time you want that near touch to continue for your loving how they are making you feel.

That near tickle that makes you giggle and moan all at the same time cause your body isnt even sure what sensation to register.

This is what sensual teasing is to me your on a roller coaster of erotic sensations. You love me and perhaps hate me all at the same time for I am bringing your body to ecstasy and your cock to that edge of an orgasm. You want me to push you over the edge yet you dont want to this crazy rush to end.

Dont worry that is why I am here. For I am the one to guide you through this sensual teasing fantasy. Pushing you to that edge just enough and pulling you back over n over again till I can hear it in your breathing when its the right time to let you fall over into that amazing abyss of erotic sensation. The mind blowing orgasm that is created from such a sensual rush.

Careful though this sensual teasing can be quite addicting.

Or perhaps its my erotic voice that creates the addiction?

Either way be prepared to crave this wild sensual ride again and again.

Just ask for Arianna when you call.

The sensual tease that loves taking control of your mind, body and most importantly your orgasms.

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

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