Ass Worship Fantasy with Arianna

Feels like forever since my sexy ass has been worshipped. Well perhaps I should say since so many wanted an ass worship phone sex fantasy in one night. Its not uncommon for a man to desire to plant his face between my amazing ass cheeks but to have call after call of men begging to lick and tongue fuck and all around worship my behind. Hmm it was rather delightful. You know I was not gonna say no to them kiss and licking my derriere. It is perfection when it comes to asses. ass worship phone sex Though I do find it rather funny. Some guys are quite self aware and unashamed not quite the words I ma looking for but they are rather upfront with what they want in the way of a body worship fantasy. “Arianna I am before you wishing to worship your amazing ass. Will you let me?” Politeness does count with this sexy Canadian girl just so you know! Then there are guys who are fumbling for the words. Like its their first time asking someone to sit upon their face so they can be smothered by such perfection. Or they just are shy about their fetish for worshiping an woman’s ass. Never quite figure it out. They mumble under their breath. I actually cant type out what they mumble for its a lot of gibberish that I cant hear and I end up asking them Sorry didnt catch what you said? Which of course when your nervous the last thing you want to do is repeat that rather embarrassing thing you said. So tip for those guys speak up and confidently so you dont have to repeat it. I pretty much have heard it all and if you cant say it then how can we do a call around what you want? Another helpful tip. So back to my night of ass worship phone sex calls it really was all over the board from guys diving in and telling me how they adore worshiping asses and how they want to do it be it a woman sitting on their face to those a bit shy around the subject. They seem to rather have a woman lay before them so they can gently enjoy licking here n there. Kissing and even a bit of teasing. Naughty boys they are. Gotta watch out for those shy ones it seems. What do you like to do in an ass worship fantasy? Better yet when was the last time you got to worship an ass? If you desire to worship mine you can reach me at the number below just ask for Arianna My twitter: fetishphonebabe
ass worship phone sex
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