Erotic Foot Fetish with Arianna

Everyone always asks what fetishes I find arousing and really I can never say for it changes about as much as I change my panties. Some times more. Often times I get hooked on a fetish which seems to be the case as of late its been endless cuckold fantasies that cross my mind until a guy called with a foot fetish.

foot fetish

I am all about body worship focused phone sex calls. I mean there is just something so erotic about someone aroused and stimulated by one area of a woman’s body. Or perhaps its falls into me being able to tease them and tempt them with that area of my body which drives them wild. Most likely that!

Well in our super erotic foot fetish fantasy he wanted nothing more than sort of a gfe style call where he just wanted to be teased by my feet. Him worshiping and adoring my toes. Well I was craving some attention to my tootsies so started with my favorite scenario being curled up on the couch and having him simply massage my feet. Giving each foot their desired amount of attention. Watching the soles of my feet wrinkle up as he worked his fingers over the bottom of my feet. Then leaning over to kiss each tip top. Which course as any one with a foot fetish knows is never enough.

You been near those toes and crave more.

Desire to have more than your lips touch that sweet foot.

There is that desire to lick no really its the hunger to suck that toe.

Now I could keep going on and on about how he worshipped my feet in great detail but thats not the sort of girl I am. After all I do love to tease and well leaving you pondering just what all happened in that erotic foot fetish session is just what I am gonna do. So enjoy the tease. 

If you wish to have your own foot worship phone sex call then you can reach myself and my feet at the number below. 

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

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