Leg Fetish Fantasy with Arianna

Seems the last few days my legs have been catching your guy’s eyes. Wont like I rather like knowing your taking a look at my body and having your glance just sort of stop at my legs and well ass too. I mean it is a packaged deal right?

leg fetish

Was just sharing a little tale with a fellow yesterday who had a shoe and leg fetish. I had wore a certain skirt on Wednesday with a pair of leggings cause it was rather blustery n chilly. The next day, I opted to wear the skirt again. It was such a cute outfit I couldnt resist wearing it to the mall plus I was meeting up with a friend who wanted to see it.

So put the outfit on again except I skipped the leggings and put on knee high boots. No prob. Off I go. Well there I am in the food court to meet with my friend. This rather short skirt on and not thinking I bend right over to put my purse down beside her. Not that dainty lady like bend either. The one where I am leaning over the back of a chair and reaching over the table sort of bend. So you know my skirt was rising up and up and up.

Which means the guys behind me were getting a rather good view of my legs and panties. Come to think of it most likely my ass too as I am trying to remember which pair I was wearing that day. Was it something that covered my ass or was it a thong???

Lord I really hope it was a bikini style panty and it should of been with how chilly it was or my pussy would of been COLD!

So ya any guys behind me with an ass or leg fetish would of enjoyed the show. I know the man on the phone with me was enjoying the visual I was painting for him with my words.

Do you have a fetish for women’s legs? Love to paint an erotic fantasy for you.

You can reach me at the number below just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

leg fetish phone sex

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