Panty Boys Whats your Favorite Panty?

So panty boys do you have a favorite panty you like to wear?

Was just wondering as I sit her in my favorite pair of cotton cheeky panties. Now I am not sure why they are my favorite could be the soft cotton. The pretty purple lace around the edges or the pretty dragonfly print over the navy cotton. But they are my favorites.

panty boy

I use to wear them only when I went on fun dates. Those dates that had you playing mini golf or going for walks along the pier while you ate ice cream. Those dates that had you feeling fun and cute. These panties make me feel super cute.

Not sure what got me blogging about my favorite panties but I guess me sitting here in my white tank top and wearing my favorite panties sort of started it. Well that and the fact that these panties are starting to become too old. They are getting that really well worn vibe to them.

See I went from wearing them only for fun dates to all the time cause I liked them too much to wear them only for dates to why not any old day I wanted to feel super cute. As you can see they are my blog panties currently hahaa.

Anyways just wondered if panty boys out there had panties in their collection that they did certain things in?

I mean surely we all do right?

Well while you go look at your collection of panties and decide let me drop my phone sex number so you can give me a call. This way we can talk about what panties are your favorite. What ones you love to wear to sleep in and what ones get you super horny!

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

panty boy phone sex

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