Naughty Girl Next Door Fantasy with Arianna

Just home after a rather longer than expected trip back home for Thanksgiving. Was suppose to only be 2 days but I got sick and well if your gonna get sick it might as well be near your mom so she can look after you. So my 2 days turned into 4 I think.

naughty girl next door fantasy

Not complaining cause it was rather nice to be pampered and looked after when I wasnt feeling so hot. Thankfully I am back to my usual cock teasing self. Though my time at home and sleeping in my old bedroom did get me thinking about some naughty phone sex role plays. You know the type of being the naughty girl next door that teases the married man. Doing those not so innocent strip teases in my bedroom.

Yes I was that girl who would open my blinds and turn on my lights so the guy next door got an eyeful. Letting him watch as I danced around in my room to some pop song in my tshirt and panties. Or worst yet I was walking back and forth in front of my open window undressing. Some times I would take my shirt off right in front of him. Pretended I had no idea he was in his office, least I am assuming it was his office at the time. Either way he would quickly turn the light off so it looked like he wasnt there and then sneak back to the window to watch my antics.

Always laughed when he came over to hand out with my dad for football night or what ever cause I would bounce into the tv room to say hi and he would blush. So I know he was watching me. Made me feel dirty in some ways and excited me in others. To know that an older married man couldnt help but watch me strip.

How about you did you have a naughty girl next door?

Or maybe you have a girl next door type of fantasy. Just think that naughty girl is now doing phone sex and teasing men on the phone. Hot isnt it?

Just ask for Arianna!

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