Arianna’s Cuckold Fantasy

Every so often I will get someone asking what turns me on in the way of sexy fantasies. What has me reaching underneath my panties to touch my trimmed pussy. Well normally I have to think a bit cause there are a few things that will get me going from watching some porn to the idea of cheating on my boyfriend in a cuckold fantasy.

cuckold fantasy

For the longest, time the cuckold fantasy was just that something that came and went. However, the last few years its been pretty strong. The idea of what it would be like to fuck someone else in front of my boyfriend.

Cant say this is necessarily my idea but it was more something that stemmed from a boyfriend a few years ago. We had tossed around the idea. Talked about it when we were in the heat of the moment. Me sucking his cock saying wouldnt it be hot if my lips were wrapped around another man’s dick right now and you were laying here watching me suck him off?

That cuckold dirty talk started to become a mainstay with our foreplay. I wasnt complaining for I had some very intense orgasms the moment my boyfriend would whisper in my ear. “Gawd I wish there was a cream pie in your pussy right now.”

Yup every time would send me right over the edge!

Unfortunately, we are no longer together and the idea of cuckolding my boyfriend has simply become a fantasy. Least I get to talk to you guys about being a cheating girlfriend. So its not all bad but I do rather pity the next boyfriend for I am probably gonna cuck him before he even clued in to what happen.

Well that might not be a bad thing if he has been cucked in the past.

Do you wanna join in on my cuckold fantasy? Just give me a call!

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