Get Intoxicated with Fetish Phone Babe Arianna

In the middle of the night a certain person called to invite me to a party. Yes for most it would be too late to even consider such an invite but really you couldnt turn this sort of one down. For he was a kinky fellow looking for a girl to party with through the night. Someone who wouldnt mind if he was racing down a few slopes on his way to erotic ecstasy. Yes you know who you are for you follow my kinky phone sex blog quite often.

fetish phone babe

That is how he knew I would be up to help him not only party though the night but enjoy each kinky tale he could come up with. Mind you most of his dirty tales involved me sitting on his face. Smothering him with my sexy ass. Wait perhaps I should back up with how I found him when I entered his hotel room…..

See he was on all four barking like a dog waiting for my sexy ass to show up. Yes it was quite a shock to see a grown man down on his hands and knees barking away but was more hilarious was the fact there was a pretty leather collar on the floor that he was nudging with his nose towards me. Seems this fetish phone babe was about to acquire a new pet.

Yup after a few snow hill races this doggie was eager to worship my ass. Funny little confession from the doggie. He had no desire for women’s asses unless his head was spinning under the white cloud of snow. Amazing what we do while intoxicated.

Whats even funnier is that the more lines he did the dirtier he wanted my ass like he was even willing to allow his tongue to be my toilet paper. I know talk about kinky right? Hey who am I to judge someones kinky fantasy its all kind of fun.

So that leaves this fetish phone babe to wonder what sort of things do you crave to do when your intoxicated? Sure there are a few taboo fantasies that sound hotter when your under the influences. Give me a call and lets talk about them. Anything truly goes!


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