Stocking Addicting Erotic Hypnosis

Always interesting the things a guy will tell me. Suppose when your horny and stroking your cock you never do think about what will happen with the information that I am told. Not talking in the sense of a blackmail deal but more in a sensual domination phone sex way. That is what a certain stocking wearing panty boy is finding out anyways.

stocking addicting erotic hypnosis

He called up to find out what it would be like to experience a stocking addicting erotic hypnosis phone sex call with me. Well panty boy was under quicker than quick. In that hypno trance he wanted to have the sensation of wearing panties and stockings. Pretty simple compared to some of the mind controlling fantasies I have done.

Now suppose you wonder why he needed to feel the sensation of panties and stockings. He doesnt go around buying them. Like most panty boys he buys them then tosses them out once he is done with them. So that is where he wanted erotic hypnosis to come in and help him with the feeling of wearing those fetish items when ever he wanted with out the guilt so to speak. All great!

So where does the handing over of the information come in?

Well its really in the moments of when he is in that dreamy state and his cock is rock hard. Where his hand is lightly stroking up and down with his finger tips that suddenly the thoughts of the day start to come out. How heĀ  doesnt have internet cause if he did he would spend all his free time jerking off to porn. Leading him to not be able to sleep and going into work super tired. That he uses library internet to view his jerk off material.

See is that information that I start to use and push those buttons. The ones that not only make him addicted to stockings but also lead him into temptation so to speak.

Why not come find out just how addicting erotic hypnosis can be.



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