Orgasm Denial Hypno Fantasy

orgasm denial phone sex

So the other day said I would share what happened with my call with Rob that led me to posting about erotic hypnosis. Well Rob is one of those sweet guys who might not hear from that often but when I do he always has some crazy adventure to share. Some hot crazy date he went on. Some girl he picked up at the bar.

Complete ladies guy!

Well when we talked the other night there was a girl who actually turned him down. Total rejection. Which I was shocked by cause he always gets the girl in the end. She was beyond hot so of course he wanted her that much more. Who wouldnt want the hot chick to take home and bang.

Well she did a bit of a dick tease on him through the night. So that is what make the rejection more intense for him. He was so fucking hard for her and then a few hours later when he is already oozing precum into his pants from all the dirty dancing on the floor she pulls a “My friends and I are leaving thanks for the drinks and dancing. Later!”

Rob said, “I should of had my dick falling over from that brush off but nope I was even harder cause she blew me off.”

Course I couldnt help but laugh cause I may or may not of done that a few times when going out. Really its the ultimate in orgasm denial. Its wrong that I had so much fun listening to it from a guys perspective? We will go with no!

So as we were talking about that and then bounced to phone sex fetishes. Think it was his way to find out if there was anything that would come close to the experience he had in the bar.

When I had said orgasm denial and erotic hypnosis it clicked for him.

That was when we both started working on creating an orgasm denial hypno fantasy that revolved around that very experience. Get him all worked up only to deny him in the end. As you can tell he didnt have to do much convincing for me to get right into this fantasy.

So gonna leave ya rather hanging with the rest of the call but you get the reason why I started sharing that I do erotic hypnosis especially when I tag team it with my other favorite phone sex topic orgasm denial.


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