Shoe Fetish: Worship My Heels

If someone was to ask me what my obsessions are in life aside from cock it would be shoes and handbags. I kid you not. I am a firm believer that a girl can not have too many. I would love to convert a room into a closet and well my shoes and handbags would be on full display. I mean its such a bad obsession I try really hard not to have a wishlist of nothing but shoes. Ya its that bad.


It would probably come as no surprise that when a guy says he has a shoe fetish I am all ears and ready to have some fun with this shoe worship phone sex call. Well it might not start out worshiping my shoes but really if your fetish is anything like mine then how can you not worship a pretty set of heels?

You just can’t!

Those babies demand to be worshiped and adored.

The proper amount of attention must be paid to my Jimmy Choo sling backs or those ultra sexy Christian Louboutin red painted bottoms. How can you not want to lick those shoes?

Ok so even I am drooling thinking of Louboutin’s. They get me fucking wet can only imagine the view you guys have on your knees looking at my feet slip into a hot pair of cross strap black pumps. Then watching me walk around on those 4 inch thin heel.

shoe fetish

Your eyes going from the heel to my bare legs. Noticing how those heels give me that perfect little heart shape in my calf. You know the view I am talking about. Course adding stockings will give that extra great view too.

Then sitting down and making you worship my heels.

If you didnt have a shoe fetish before this blog then you should after it. I know I am ultra worked up just thinking about my feet in some luxury foot wear. How about working some sexy shoe shopping into that phone sex fantasy.


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