Blackmailed Sissy

My night just got rather interesting I have a certain well known sissy on the phone looking to be blackmailed. So being that in mind I am posting a full on post to out his cock crave mouth. He sent me all these pics so I could post an ad on Craigslist for him. Well he was missing a face pic. Not cause the ad needed it but cause I needed it. It was for this very post so I could black mail his sorry ass.

Thank sissy bitch.

Work Number:

Info removed due to payment. Good Sissy Bitch.

So Sissy Bitch just told me that his secret fantasy revolves around where he works and the idea of teen girl’s coming in for their driver’s license. Them sensing what a bitch he is and using him as their personal bitch through that exam. Course you will know it for he is a sucker for girls in cute flip flops that is the key for finding out what a bitch a guy is. He will gladly pass you for a little lick of those feet girls.
Pretty girls with pretty feet who come to the counter when he isnt doing road tests can demand he pay for her transactions (oh if you bring a baggie of toe nail clippings you will get a crisp $100 dollar bill in your hands)… Actually BBC can demand it tooo 🙂

Guess Sissy Bitch Scott better get acquainted with my wishlist/amazon gift cards and start working it over. Cause that is about the only way this info is coming down.

I really want an Ipad *hint hint* Not saying these will come down for it but you know. Maybe.


Pictures removed due to payment 🙂



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