Arianna loves to tease with stockings

I know most girls are probably putting away their stockings and nylons away due to the weather being to warm to wear them which has nylon fetish guys pouting. Good news this Canadian girl hasn’t packed hers away just yet! Mainly cause mother nature hasnt let the temperature heat up enough that those stockings become less likely to be worn.

First, when I was looking at the temperature for the long weekend up here, I was pouting myself cause I had envisioned spending my days laying on the sandy beach in my bikini soaking up some sun. Even my friends had the same thought. We were out shopping for bikinis in the beginning of the week. Yup plans fell through, epically. Course always being the optimist I was like wait a moment I don’t have to be at the beach to tease men. Hell I dont have to be half naked to tease men. For you know we were only going to the beach to tease men. That is when I looked at the rather brr temperature and went “Its perfect for stockings!”

Time to hit the patio cafe and let my silk encased legs entice a man to squirm in his chair while he pretends to drink his cafe latte or what ever he ends up ordering in a quick hurry so he can get that perfect table just across from me. Yes I know I am a wicked tease but really you dont expect me to just be a sensual tease just on the phone do you? Hell no I am like that in person too. Come by it rather naturally.

Course the question is what would you do if you were sitting across from in that cafe? Would you be crossing and uncrossing your legs in hopes that movement would relieve a bit of tension building in your cock or would you just be hoping your paper your reading would be hiding that growing erection.


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