Kitchen Sex Fantasy

Some of you may know that I adore cooking. I love trying new recipes out and I am completely guilty of posting pictures of my creations on my twitter. So if your not following me you really need to start. FetishPhoneBabe is my twitter account. Then I can tease you with my food creations.

It does get me thinking about some naughty kitchen sex fantasy thought that involve the kitchen. You see it all the time where the guy comes in and picks the girl up and fucks her right on the counter.

I dont know about you but i have never had that happen. Complete shame if you ask me. My sex in the kitchen fantasy is more having someone bending me over the center island counter and just giving it to me that way. Or the kitchen table. Oh gawd that gets me hot too. To know that your fucking on the table and you can be having a dinner party there later. I dont know it gets my mind wandering over and over at the possibilities.

So what about you have you ever had a kitchen sex fantasy?

Who knows maybe I am the only one who wants to have sex in my kitchen. Well my dream kitchen that is 🙂



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