Do you have a Finger Fetish?

So I was talking to a certain someone a few days ago and he brought up something I had never thought about finger fetish. I know gets you thinking doesnt it!

When was the last time you looked at a womans hands and had some impure thoughts.

So what fantasies did run through your mind?

Were you thinking it would be exciting to see those soft finger wrapped around your cock or was it a bit more sensual and erotic that that. Like how you wanted to lick each and every finger tip. Letting your tongue twirl around  each succulent digit as you worked them into your mouth.

Would you stop at just the fingers?

Or would you keep going to kiss her palm?

Or even lick it?

See I told you it gets far more interesting doesnt it. Gets your mind wandering which way you want to go dirty or sensual. I am looking at my manicured hands and thinking hmmmm never have had someone suck my fingers. I mean I have licked things off my own fingers and let me tell you I can do that in such a teasing sensual way it will have your cock rock hard. I am a sensual phone tease after all. *wink* But these sexy fingers have yet to experience a man’s mouth on them. Such a shame.

Who is up for a little finger fetish phone sex where each and every digit is enjoyed and worshiped.


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