Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas to all the phone sex perverts out there!

Sitting here watching the clock waiting for my family stuff to start. All our plans got changed around pretty quick with the crazy weather we have been having on the west coast lately . Nothing but wind, rain and even snow. I know your going Arianna you live in Canada you should be use to the snow but where I am we rarely get snow just up the mountains. If you ask me it can stay up there. Yes I am a horrible Canadian snow bunny.

So with the change of weather report and the big red nasty banner saying snow fall warning everyone thought a lunch thing would be safer as no one wanted to be driving in the dark. Totally agree. So just waiting for everyone to get here from various points along the island. Or more see who opted to venture the crazy highway.

Been sitting here doing a few calls before getting ready thought it would be a good way to distract me. Which I must say you guys are always so good at. Plus doesnt it always make you feel extra naughty to be doing fetish phone sex calls on Christmas Day? Well maybe cause I am in my dark blue cotton penguin pajamas that I got from my mom last year with my long brunette hair tossed in a messy pony tail and bright pink fussy socks. I know some of you are probably going the image is not what you hoped for while others of you are going hmmm that takes me to an interesting phone sex roleplay.

And thanks to R I am munching on Almond Roca like OMG no end. These things are frigging addictive! Will need an intervention.

Well I think I should be off to shower and get ready but I will be on later tonight so get ready with your naughty fetish phone sex calls. i am sure I will be thinking of a few myself.

Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday. Look forward to catching up soon.


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