Hair Fetish

Fetish Phone Babe Arianna Here! I ventured off to the movies the other night and decided to toss my long brown hair into a pony tail. Nothing worst than sitting down in a movie seat and sitting on my hair. Least that is what happened at the last movie. So this time I was prepared.

I wasnt prepared for the guy behind me having a bit of a hair fetish. I am pretty sure he had one and if he didnt then I would be shocked. I was sitting there and had tossed my pony tail over the back of the seat and was just leaning back into the chair. Then I could feel this soft tug of my hair. He was super gentle but you so know when someone is playing with you hair even long hair.

Sure I could of pulled my hair back over my shoulder and took away his little fun. But I actually really like someone playing with my hair. So some stranger fingering my long pony tail got to admit it was really exciting. Maybe I am the one with a hair fetish?

The kinky phone sex part of my brain did creep in and had visions of him slipping his fly open and brushing the end of my pony tail over his hardening cock. But considering it was a relatively full theater that idea left my head fast. Well it left my head but my pussy did enjoy the thought. So I was getting wet thinking there could be precum catching in my silky locks.

Have you ever played with a strangers girls hair in public?


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