Phone Mistress Deny Orgasms

Fetish Phone Babe Arianna Here! Had an interesting evening. No I didnt get fucked in a gang bang though there were a few phone sex scenarios that were going that way but I wasnt the one getting fucked. *wink*

My evening started out with a rather unique message from someone asking if I would take him on as a pet. Now course that got my attention and I had to message back. Seems he was a bit of a lost soul in search of a new phone sex mistress.

Now I fully believe that to be a mistress there has to be some connection between the mistress and the phone sex slave. Its not a one way street for when its done right you will be spending lots of time together and if their isnt that connection you will only be running into issues later.

This of course is very important when someone is looking for a long term mistress and not some casual playing. So when we started messaging I knew that to truly get to know if we were compatible was for him to do a short phone sex call. One where he finds out what fetishes I excel at and what ones he was looking for as a phone sex slave.

Sure I do quite a few and pretty much have an anything goes mentality but honestly I do have some fetishes that I favor over others. Lucky for him most the ones he was looking for were in deed ones that I enjoyed doing. Like orgasm denial bordering on chastity and financial domination.

After our brief introduction it was all about getting into denying his orgasm and draining his wallet.

Which has such a nice ring to it dont you think?

I known it had been awhile since a mistress had control of his cock. So that only intensified the denial. I could tell he was in both heaven and agony. Loving being under my control but knowing he was in for some serious trouble. Or least his wallet was about to be.

Each stroke had him begging for that orgasm and well there was only one key to that release. Spoiling his mistress.

Course I have added some things to my wish list to only help the next time he calls for another financial domination phone sex call.

Tease your balls soon!


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