Sissy Girlie Night

Fetish Phone Babe Arianna Here! So fully admit it just finish watching Bachelor and yes those words just came across my lips so to speak. I fully blame one of the girls I worked with for getting me hooked on reality tv. It use to be one of those things when I worked at my non sexual job and all the girls would get together at lunch and talk about what happened the night before on it and well course I felt rather out of the loop so started watching. And even though I am not going to work everyday and hanging out with those girls at lunch (which I miss) I still enjoy catching the show for when I do meet up with my old work friends. Plus there are a few girls around here that have an infatuation for reality tv so I still get that weekly banter over the show 🙂

Course I need to know if there are any sissy boys who dive into some of the reality shows out there? Then I will be in heaven bashing out the weekly gossip with some made up sissy phone sex bitch would make for an interesting chat.

Even better would be to get all glammed up and watch the show and do what girls do best! Have a girlie nite. Course the bachelor is over and I think he made a horrible mistake on who he choose but we do have the Bachelorette to look forward too.Yes I know probably an over share to some of you.

Anyways look forward to teasing you soon no matter what the fetish phone sex call is.


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