Some will say this is mean but for those that love a mean girl this will only make your dick really hard. I love fucking men and getting off as fast as I can. So fast, that I finish before them. I love looking at them and say, “Ok I am done! You can get out of me now.”

The look on their face when you say that is hilarious.

Guys never know what to do with a girl who is into cheating a man of his own orgasm. Well I am sure guys call it some thing else and have a few other words for me but really I dont care. I am having fun. Which really is all that matters and if I get to laugh at a few of you sorry fucks along the way well that just makes it better.

Had one guy who was near tears asking what he should do now. Not my problem really. You can sit there with a hard cock and wait for the cool wind to make it shrink. Cause my tight pussy isnt going to be getting you offf. Actually you can dream on with thinking any of my body will get you off.

But you can beg me if you want. I do love to laugh at the idea you think I will be won over by your begging. As I can deny. Deny. Deny all day long.

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