How will I Grant you an Orgasm

Sensual Phone Tease Arianna Here!

So in a previous blog talking about being a phone sex size queen I was saying how I love to tease and humiliated small dick men. Like one can really blame me really. There was talk of how I take great pleasure in giving sph men blue balls and that on occasion I might. MIGHT let them release their cum sacs if I was in a good mood. Course I never did say what put me in a good mood. Well this kinky blog will put an end to the wonder of what puts your phone tease in a good mood. Or aka how I will grant you an orgasm.

Well the cuckolds out there will love this for it pretty much boils down to whether or not I have been fucked that day or not.

Yup true.

You guys all say it. Fuck that girl need to get fuck so she will be in a better mood. Well with me its true if I am sitting here doing a tease and denial phone sex call with a cream pie in my pussy then I am more likely to be a bit more nicer with that teasing. I MIGHT not deny as long.

Well actually its more like I will allow you to beg for that orgasm and if you are fun and creative about how you beg then I could let you have it. So ya those guys that I have teased for hours and hours. That is one of the keys.

Oh please you really didn’t think I would put up a blog with all the keys to how to get an orgasm with me? Gawd that wouldnt be any fun. You must remember I am a sensual tease and will always tease you first and for most. So get use to it.

Now I guess the question is do I or don’t I have a cream pie in my pussy?

Your Fetish Babe Arianna

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