Sissy Boy Outing

Arianna Here!

Just between phone sex calls but taking a few minutes to post a blog about John a sissy boy who came to me to confess his love for dressing up in woman’s clothes. Its his secret. He loves to buy clothes from those websites that cater to men who wear frilly clothes. So you know just how much lace is on them.

Those discrete boxes showing up with his pretty little items to his home in New Mexico for the last 5 to 6 yrs.

Now I know his dirty girlie secret.

And have the photos to prove it.

Right now he is begging me not to post the photos to show everyone just how much of a sissy boy he is.

Did you know that John loves to chain himself up in his bed. An elaborate chaining with chains and a combination lock that has him tied to his bed all night long. So what is a sissy boy to do being stuck in bed all pretty. I mean not like he can get up to use the bathroom. He has to wear a diaper under his panties.

So I going to post this then finish this blog at a later date. Like after this sissy phone sex call!


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