Bondage Phone Sex with Arianna

Hey Arianna Here! Swear I just shouldn’t do bondage phone sex fantasies before bed. I mean I should! But I end up with some crazy fucked up sex dreams. Not that I am complaining, ok sounds like I am but I’m not really! Its just some of these dreams will have me waking up wondering if I was dreaming or was it really.

Last nights was no different.

It was an intense bondage fantasy where I was laying naked on a bed with my arms stretched above my head tied to the metal head board. In my dream my focus was on my wrists. Trying to unhook them. Twisting and turning my hands trying to get my fingers into the right position to unbuckle or unhook the bindings that were around my wrists.

bondage phone sex

Course as I took a moment to rest its only then did I realize that my feet were being tied to the foot board. My focused shifted down to the foot of the bed. Eyes attempting to make out who was the one tying me to the bed. What it was he intended to do with me once he was done.

Only it wasnt a he but a she. For a man would not be so sensual with their touches. Nor would their hands be so soft. Their grasp was firm but soft if that makes sense. So sensual with their movements that really had me laying still vs fighting and resisting being restrained. For anyone surely would fight back but when its a woman standing at your feet you become intrigued with all that is happening.

Actually knowing I was being tied up by a woman my intrigue turned to excitement. I could feel the heat grow between my legs. My pussy was becoming wetter with every tug of the restraints around my ankles. I knew she could tell I was excited for my hard nipples gave it away.

Her long nails running up my leg.

I wonder if she knew I wanted her to touch my pussy.

To make me quiver under her touch.

As with all sex dreams I woke up the moment those sexy fingers reached the outside of my shaved pussy.

So I would love to continue with this bondage phone sex fantasy perhaps grab another girl and lets see where we could take this kinky scenario. Could be us tying you up or her or what ever. Let me being your rope bunny or accomplice either way this dream has my mind spinning with possibilities.

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

ass worship phone sex

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Cum Eating Fantasies with Arianna

Cum eating fantasies. I know most of you have it in the back of your mind and its either one of those situations that is either a Hmmmm yes please or a ehh can do without thanks.

Now being a sensual phone sex tease I am not one to judge anyone’s kink or what gets them excited in anyway. But when it comes to cum eating fantasies it is always interesting to hear the responses haha. I mean that eh thing but yet when I describe a fantasy where I am giving this amazing sensual blow job and part way through stop to give a deep french kiss. That moan a guy gives is insanely hot and yes in the back of my mind I am smiling going do you even realize I have precum on my lips and tongue right now? That your sucking your own juices off my tongue and moaning for more?

cum eating fantasies

The yes guys of course are in heaven with a cock ready to burst when I ask if they can taste themselves on my lips or tongue. They will do anything to hear more of me going from their cock to kissing them and even beg for me to share that snowball of hot jizz with them. Or well the description of them cumming in my mouth before they actually orgasm cause the do want to finally release everything at that moment I deep kiss their very own load in to their mouths. Granted I do make it sound far hotter on the phone vs typing it out. I mean I get into it far more with the moaning and heavy breathing from the man on the other end of the phone. You know.

Course this is about those eh guys. Why is it about them? Well cause of a conversation the other night about a guy saying he never really thought about eating his cum till after I told him too. That sensual way I have that he just cant resist and suddenly a thought that was never there is something he just was wanting to do. That urge to please me and make me happy. With my saying how about you taste that precum and hearing me giggle with delight had him wanting to do more and well more to hear that happiness in my voice.

To feel that radiance through the phone and before he knew it my happiness was making him cum and well scooping that load up. Now with each call he is sitting there hoping I will ask him to please take a taste. Actually I think he will even say May I eat my cum for you? Will it make you happy if I did?

Sounds exciting doesnt it? Would you like to explore that level of happiness during your own cum eating fantasy call? The number is below I look forward to hearing from you.

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

ass worship phone sex

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Sissy Deserves Arianna’s Strap On

Hello, my sweet sissy. I know that giving in to your true nature has been hard. Any major life change can be. Though I also know that you feel more complete now than you ever have. Knowing your true place, and where you fit in this world, this life, is very freeing indeed.

Now, given that, the only places where you feel empty still are the places that don’t have a cock in them. You are made for pleasure, and you also take some guilty pleasure in being filled up. By men, especially.

sissy bitch

Well, I don’t happen to be a man or have a cock, but I do have the next best thing, little sissy slut. I have a strap on with your name on it. It may not be a “real” dick, but you will moan for me just the same. If you are a good sissy, I will even be nice and lube you up first!

Knowing you, your ass just involuntarily twitched in joy as your little clitty began straining against those pretty panties. You’re wondering what I’ll have you do first? Maybe lick the length of it up and down before taking it between your greedy lips? Maybe pretend to jerk me off while I pet your head and giggle? Or maybe we can completely skip the foreplay for once, and just get down to making you scream my name as I ram it deep inside you. Or maybe you have some other scenario we can discuss? Strap on phone sex is full of fantastic possibilities, really.

I love hearing your dirty little fantasies of having me buried deep within you, your painted lips wide in a cry of pleasure. Just call me to make it happen.

Just ask for Arianna for a true sensual domme experience.

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

ass worship phone sex

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Body Worship Fantasy with Arianna

Its probably the latest heat wave that is messing with my mind but if you were to ask me right now what was on my mind as to a fetish topic but body worship is all that comes to mind. I just want to lay here and have you worship my entire body from my feet to breasts and back again.

Yes this does make me sound like a bit of a pillow princess and I am not gonna apologize for that in the slightest. For the sensual domme/ tease in me is going but of course I am a princess and well who wouldnt want to just lay back and allow a man to just lavish their body with sexual attention.

Most men will say being a pillow princess is a bad thing but I never view it that way. Now if you roll your eyes at that then you are not the one I am wanting to have worship my body anyways. For a man seeking to actually worship a woman’s body to lavish their full attention on pleasing a woman will see my view of being a pillow princess as the most wonderful statement ever. For they will adore the fact all I want to do is lay back and just have you do what you do best and that is kiss your way up my body.

Lick those special spots.

Bring enjoyment to my entire being.

Yes I will tease you every so often for dont think just cause I am allowing you the beauty of my body to worship that you will have total and complete access to it. NO! I am a sensual domme after all which does mean I will control where you tongue, hands, fingers go. Pillow princess or not. I want my pleasure to go on and on and on. Ok and your teasing to last as long as possible.

So anyways back to the idea of you worshiping my body. The number is below and my name is Arianna so now you know what is expected of you when you place that call. Look forward to teasing you very soon. Oh and I do other such wonderful kinky fetish phone sex calls too but today just in the mood for a body worship fantasy.

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

ass worship phone sex

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Sissy Phone Sex Bitch with Arianna

This sexy sensual tease had to laugh at a certain sissy phone sex bitch who called up telling me what he was wearing. We are talking about silk panties, panty hose, pencil skirt, push up bra, button up blouse and fuck me pumps. Now as sexy as he was in all that feminine attire it sounded like he was about to head off to start his first day as some hot secretary or maybe an office dinner?

Unfortunately, that little sissy bitch was a touch over dressed for what I had in mind for them. Well they knew what was gonna happen for the did ask for it. I mean the did ask to be a little cum slut which means your gonna allow those mens cocks to have easy access to all of your sexy orifices’. How else can one get the title of sissy whore?

Perhaps thats just in my naughty sissy phone sex bitch fantasies?

Sure come all dressed up wearing those sexy items but really the guys who are gonna fuck you and treat you like a cum whore are really just gonna be ripping those panty hose off of you and well those panties are just going to be cum collectors.

Actually come to think about it wearing those panty hose and panties for I am gonna love the sound you make when some guy rips them off of you. That girlie whimper you make as you hear those nylons rip and instead of being upset over those stockings being ruined your clitty is just getting excited as you realize in that split second your are a total whore. Now your just wishing you bought more nylons so each and every man could rip them for that sound is just echoing in your head with each thrust of a cock.

Completely love hearing that whimper.

So come on become my little sissy phone sex bitch!

Just ask for Arianna

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

ass worship phone sex

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Bicurious Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

I have a friend who so needs to do a bicurious phone sex call. I swear he needs to call up and talk to either a guy or hell maybe even a tranny would work for him. Hmm thats a thought. He is a super nice guy but very confused when it comes to his sexuality. Maybe he isnt confused at all but when he is talking to me it comes out as one sexual ball of confusion.

Sorry my friend Jay just left and his conversations are always around cock sucking. At first I never clued in just thought he was that guy you connected with and could talk to about anything dating related. You know? When I had issues with guys or needed a guy perspective I went to Jay. Now its like OMG Jay wants intimate details on my dates. Not oh what movie did you see but bedroom details.

bicurious phone sex

I never really thought about it and would tell him and sort of was getting little critiques on my blow job styles and do guys like this type thing. We have been friends forever. But now its like hmmm.

Well tonight he finally opened up to me and said that the reason he asked so much about my sex life was he was struggling with his bisexual feelings and that desire to suck cock. I can’t say that I was really surprised when I was at his place last time. I made the mistake of using his laptop and to check the time of our movie. Well while I was googling movie theatre in our area his gay porn history popped up. Mental note guys clear your history lol. Which I did mention to my friend. If he was opening up about things I might as well say oh by the way if you dont want everyone to know dont make it so easy to find out.

It ended up being a bit of a girlie chat session since he was asking me tons of questions about giving a blow job. Ya I dont think it will be long before Jay moves from bicurious to full on bisexual. Just a hunch but you know how woman’s instincts are.

Well I will be around for some bicurious phone sex calls tonight for those closet cum cravers. Here is a thought can double up and grab a tranny or a guy and really spice up the fun. *wink*

As always the name is Arianna. Talk soon!

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

threesome phone sex

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Sissy Boys Explore Your Nylon Fetish

Hello, girls…and I am talking to the ones who specifically have an outie instead of an innie when it comes to genitals. You know, all you little sissy girls out there.

Now, I know that with the recent bathroom controversies, and all of you being branded sex criminals in the eyes of the law and the ignorant masses, a lot of you are afraid to be yourselves. So many of us want you to live your truth, but then ignorant old men who lust after you and do not know how to reconcile those feelings with their ancient belief structure make it illegal for you to do so.

sissy nylon fetish

Oh, well, I still have a few secrets for you to use so you can at least feel comfortable in your own skin behind your closed doors. The easiest is when it comes to shaving your legs. You see, you don’t really have to if you use nylon stockings.

Now, of course, the best thing to do is shave your legs, but it’s not absolutely necessary. So if you still want them to be smooth, indulge your natural nylon fetish. Every sissy has one, so just lean into it. I know, I know, you would rather feel your legs touched skin to skin, but you know…it feels even better with the nylons on.

Every one of you girls who call for sissy phone sex tell me this, every one of you who comes for a play session tells me this, hell, even I know this because I wear nylons, too. So why deny it?

In a world that is constantly trying to make you deny who you are, just say screw it and embrace at least a little part of you. Besides, it gives you an excuse to do more shopping, and what girl doesn’t like that?

As always the name is Arianna. Talk soon!

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

threesome phone sex

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Threesome Phone Sex Adventure with Arianna

First to admit that I have never had the pleasure of a threesome. Know shocking  you would think it would be simple and easy to arrange but some how its like an elusive spirit bear (aka white bear). Yes I could be upset but I do the next best thing which is enjoy any guy in the same boat unable to indulge in group sex which is a threesome phone sex fantasy with myself and another hot sexy girl.

Granted having another sexy phone girl join us could lead to all sorts of different sexual ideas. From us giving you a double blow job after all what guy wouldnt like to see two women french kissing over a stiff, throbbing cock. I know that idea does get me worked up.

threesome phone sex

Or perhaps its the idea of a girl sucking your cock while the other woman is sitting upon your face. Probably the toughest decision you would have is which pussy will sit on your face. Or maybe we will take turns?

Course who says that other pussy needs to be sucking your cock. If you select a fellow sensual domme then you could be getting double stuffed with our strap ons. Hmm now that does sound like a very appealing threesome phone sex fantasy. Dont you think?

Honestly, it doesnt really matter which way you decide to go I know I am up for any version of a threesome fantasy and well the dispatcher could definitely find a girl to match your horny mood in which to join us on this kinky sexual adventure. No limits remember!

Look forward on seeing where you decide to take this threesome phone sex adventure. You can reach me at the number below.

As always the name is Arianna. Talk soon!

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

threesome phone sex

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Sensual Tease Fantasy with Arianna

Sensual tease is what I enjoy.

Some will call this various things from sensual domination to cock control perhaps even orgasm edging. For me its really all about wrapping you around my finger and just taking you on this amazing erotic journey that has your body tingling with so many sensations its not even sure what is happening any more.

sensual tease

Its that sensation you feel when you close your eyes and someone runs their nails over your skin and the goose bumps pop up. The fine hair starts to raise. You have no control and there is that love hate to it all for you want them to touch you and end that madness brewing in your mind but at the same time you want that near touch to continue for your loving how they are making you feel.

That near tickle that makes you giggle and moan all at the same time cause your body isnt even sure what sensation to register.

This is what sensual teasing is to me your on a roller coaster of erotic sensations. You love me and perhaps hate me all at the same time for I am bringing your body to ecstasy and your cock to that edge of an orgasm. You want me to push you over the edge yet you dont want to this crazy rush to end.

Dont worry that is why I am here. For I am the one to guide you through this sensual teasing fantasy. Pushing you to that edge just enough and pulling you back over n over again till I can hear it in your breathing when its the right time to let you fall over into that amazing abyss of erotic sensation. The mind blowing orgasm that is created from such a sensual rush.

Careful though this sensual teasing can be quite addicting.

Or perhaps its my erotic voice that creates the addiction?

Either way be prepared to crave this wild sensual ride again and again.

Just ask for Arianna when you call.

The sensual tease that loves taking control of your mind, body and most importantly your orgasms.

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

ass worship phone sex

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Kinky Taboo Phone Sex with Arianna

Probably one of the things I hate being asked is what is the kinkiest thing I have done. When your a phone sex girl your perception of kinky sort of goes out the window plus when your a taboo phone sex girl your mind is a bit warped on whats kinky.

In real life I cant say I am overly kinky but thats more to do with lacking the partner who is open to being kinky. Plus after hearing various wild tales on the phone I dont think anything much has a kink factor to it any more. It just boils down to would that be fun or not? Kink has no deciding factor for myself.

Course I know most of you are probably like myself dont have anyone to enjoy some kinky fun  in the bedroom so you reach out for a taboo phone sex girl who will help you out. Which is why I do phone sex. Or least why I started doing it was to indulge in that alternative side of myself that wasnt getting satisfied in my bedroom.

Being able to have some kinky taboo fun over the  phone lead to some wild masturbation sessions and well even hotter conversations. Some times I would take those wild conversations and talk with my then partners to see what would happen and some times I just keep it to myself. That hot little forbidden secret to masturbate to when the time was right.

Sure you understand that internal struggle of what do you share and what do you keep to yourself cause some times those sexy secrets are just too hot.

Anyways I guess where I am going with this is I will always be honest when it comes to what things I indulge in off the phone which may surprise you or not. Course in saying that I will also be honest in what turns me on and what has me reaching for my pussy. Love to hear what gets you excited and what kinky things you like to indulge in or what things just get you worked up.

You can reach myself Arianna at the number below

My twitter: fetishphonebabe

taboo phone sex

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