Sensual Phone Sex with Arianna

Its a rather blustery Autumn day outside. Sitting here watching the leaves twirl and spin in the air. When the weather is like this I am rather excited to be a sensual phone sex girl for I can sit at home curled up in my bed or a warm bath taking calls. There is no need to get dressed up for work for often times the least amount of clothing is always preferred.

sensual phone sex

Pretty sure none of you believe me when I say I am laying in bed in nothing more than panties half the time but really when its after 9pm that is where you will find me. Curled up under the covers watching tv. Oh my bed is a no clothing zone the most I will ever wear in there is panties. Maybe a tank top but I love the sensation of soft sheets against my skin and a fluffy blanket tucked up around my shoulders.

Ok this isnt what I had intended to blog but I guess the weather has me feeling a sensual phone sex call is in order. The girlfriend experience sort of call. The one where you just lay back and we chat for a moment and things just naturally fall into that foreplay sort of place. The places we enjoy touching and kissing. What happens to our bodies when we get touched in those places. What excites us.

You know the stuff that just makes for a more erotic time.

Sure it can be something kinky but its about enjoying the time. The laughs when we miss hear each other and think our mouth was in one spot and really it was in another. Getting lost in the moans of the other person and feeling our bodies respond to that moan.

For me the girlfriend experience arises cause you enjoy hearing my voice. My moan so much that you have to come back again. Its the again part where we fall into the gfe space. Where there is no more need to talk about what excites us for we just know that spots. Granted no one can ever really know all the spots and it does take some time but we never feel the rush. Its just us. Our pleasure. Our excitement.

Anyways I know you understand what I am talking about.

Just ask for Arianna


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Panty Boys Whats your Favorite Panty?

So panty boys do you have a favorite panty you like to wear?

Was just wondering as I sit her in my favorite pair of cotton cheeky panties. Now I am not sure why they are my favorite could be the soft cotton. The pretty purple lace around the edges or the pretty dragonfly print over the navy cotton. But they are my favorites.

panty boy

I use to wear them only when I went on fun dates. Those dates that had you playing mini golf or going for walks along the pier while you ate ice cream. Those dates that had you feeling fun and cute. These panties make me feel super cute.

Not sure what got me blogging about my favorite panties but I guess me sitting here in my white tank top and wearing my favorite panties sort of started it. Well that and the fact that these panties are starting to become too old. They are getting that really well worn vibe to them.

See I went from wearing them only for fun dates to all the time cause I liked them too much to wear them only for dates to why not any old day I wanted to feel super cute. As you can see they are my blog panties currently hahaa.

Anyways just wondered if panty boys out there had panties in their collection that they did certain things in?

I mean surely we all do right?

Well while you go look at your collection of panties and decide let me drop my phone sex number so you can give me a call. This way we can talk about what panties are your favorite. What ones you love to wear to sleep in and what ones get you super horny!



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Sensual Phone Sex Tease Arianna

There is something so sexy about the sound of summer rain. The fresh scent the air has with that hint of chill. Have to say when I think of sexy fantasies fucking during a summer rainstorm this has to be it. Even if its a small drizzle whatever gets that sweet scent in the air. Pair that with being near the ocean so you have that sea breeze being added to the sinfully delightful scent. Hmm it just makes this phone sex teases pussy wet.

sensual phone sex tease

Guess its spoken like a true west coast girl who lives on an island. Who knows maybe a few of you love the smell of rain mixed with the ocean and it has you thinking of various sexual fantasies like myself.

What sort of erotic fantasy would you like to indulge in with this sensual phone sex tease?

Would you want one where its just you and me enjoying a night of pure passion where its all about that deep connection that has us both reaching a deep climax?

Or does your fantasy have us connecting through a shared fetish such as cuckolding? You watching as I am riding another mans cock. To see the pure delight over my face as his cock brings me such pleasure. That pleasure he is bring me has your cock throbbing hard and course you just have to stroke it to show how much excitement it brings to share your girl.

Perhaps your fetish is one that can only be shared between the two of us. One that has you worshiping my body and allowing me to tease you as only I can. As you know being a sensual phone sex tease this does bring me a lot of pleasure when I have your cock aching to please me.

You can reach me via the number below. Just ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Outdoor Sex Fantasy with Phone Sex Tease Arianna

The weather on the west coast has been pretty amazing by the time the weekend rolls around it will be in the low 80s. So course with the nicer weather has this sensual phone sex tease out wandering the trails and well just enjoying the sun. It got me pondering who all gets extra horny when out in the woods. Do you contemplate what it would be like to just enjoy some outdoor fucking?

Now for all I know you are the type that doesnt sit back and think about fucking out in nature. You simply act upon it. Your bare ass has been rubbing up against a tree while you been stroking that cock. Or better yet that cock has been buried deep in a wet pussy.

Have to say that I havent been super adventurous in public. Sure I have explored a few fun spots outside the house but usually I am that type thats always a bit nervous getting caught. Blame that “fear” on having family friends that worked on the police force and my worst fear was getting busted near naked by them.

Anyways I guess what this phone sex tease is trying to say is that I love being able to dive into fantasy and kinky role plays that I wouldnt necessarily feel comfortable doing in my real life so to speak.

The whole idea of venturing off into the woods and just fucking like animals is beyond hot for me and wish I had a partner to enjoy that with. Till then I get to find like minded people to enjoy that over the phone.  We get to have fun doing difference scenarios like fucking on a park bench. Oh then there is car sex, that one had me racing off to fuck my pillow pal right quick!

Ok apparently this phone sex tease really needs to head out and get some dick in the great outdoors this weekend

Till that happens you can reach me at the number below just ask for Arianna.

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Arianna is a Phone Sex Size Queen

As some of you know I am single which means my friends set me up on blind dates. One of my friends is doing the date app thing and convinced me it would be amazing if we both did it together. Since she wasnt gonna take no for an answer I opted to sign up and figured in a week would take the bloody thing down.

phone sex size queen

Well a guy messaged me the other day. Not that I am shocked over a message but more the tone of the message. Read his profile sounded like my sort. Into the same things etc. His images were sexy. Thinking ok will respond. After the hey hows it going message he dove into do you like hung men?

Now I wasnt sure where this line of messaging was going since I admit fully to you guys that Yes I am a size queen. Have no issue saying so. Even told boyfriends in the past that I like big cock. But I found it really odd that some person I dont know beyond a few images on a date site is already asking me if I like hung men. My mind was racing does he have a small cock? Does he like to be cucked? He is a white guy how hung could he be?

So I ran with the direction he was headed. Umm are you a hung guy?

Oh very much so! Was the response in return from him.

Now course my pussy is starting to twitch over the idea of a single guy with a thick cock messaging me. Visions of thick 10 inch cock dripping with precum were dancing through my mind. I had to ask just how hung are you?

The response….. 7.2″

Ummm! Ahhhh. Hmmmm. 7.2″ WTF? In what universe is that a hung cock. Sorry a VERY hung cock? Cause the dude specifically said VERY! For this size queen that comes up in the unimpressed range of cock sizes.

What makes it worst is I am pretty sure he was a small dick loser trying to get some attention cause of the way he gave out that measurement. As a size queen I know how big dick men give their measurements and 7.2 aint it. Looks like I will have to set for my super sized dildo for tonight and some cuckold phone sex fantasies since I wont be getting the real deal.

Dammit! Was so looking forward to a good hard pounding from a real hung man.


fetish phone sex

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Cuckold Phone Sex Size Queen Arianna

We both know black cock is the superior cock. if you dont know that then you been hiding under a rock or dating some girl who has been far too nice to your white man ego. Now I am a nice girl always have been but I am also an honest girl. Which means I will tell you the truth about what excites me in the way of cock. So if you ask during a cuckold phone sex session or a sph fantasy or well any fantasy that has you asking if I like big black cock.

cuckold phone sex size queen

Then the answer will be YES!

Why lie about what makes my pussy wet.

I will happily go into detail about why I prefer a big black cock over a white guys cock too. The amazing attitude that a black man has. The confidence in which they walk cause they know they possess the one thing a white girl wants. That big, massive chocolate dick.

If you dont think all girls want it then your living in an amazing bubble. I am about to pop it especially if you call for a cuckold phone sex fantasy. I wanna say sorry but we both know there is nothing for me to be sorry about.

This cuckold phone sex size queen likes big dicks and she will not lie!

Hell if I were to have you stand next to a rock hard black cock you would see why I openly admit to being a size queen. There is no comparison between your white cock and a beautiful black cock. Hmm just saying it I drag those words out and practically have drool all over my chin. Yum.

So think we both need to dive into a cuckold phone sex call dont you? Well I know my pussy is eager for me to talk about some big black cock this afternoon hahah.

Give me a call just ask for Arianna. Your sexy size queen.

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Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasy

So my mind was spinning trying to think about what to blog about. What fetish fantasy should I toss down. Then I remembered a certain cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy I did last week. Now I know that is something I have blogged about a time or two but come one can you blame me when the fantasies are just so hot?

cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy

Well thankfully a certain gentleman who loves being cucked by myself had called last week seeking to be my unfuckable boyfriend yet again. Sure he is great in every other way. Loves and worships my body. Is beyond faithful and loyal to me but see I have this issue of being loyal to him and his cock.

Its an alright size but he just doesnt do it for me. He cant make me cum hard and repeatedly like the other lovers I have had in the past. So you cant really blame me for seeking a new pillow pal. So when I am at work I find a few dreamy big dick guys to give me that pounding. My guy is so gullible that he believes me when I say I have a few things to work on and will be a few more hours. Little does he know that I am getting every bit of my body pounded by those amazing big fat cocks.

Gawd are they amazing.

Our last fantasy had me leaving looking the picture perfect office exec my black pencil skirt, red silk blouse and hair up in a very sleek bun. Came home with stains dripped down the front of my blouse. My hair a matted mess and a white smear on the back of my skirt.

Sure he asked questions. Ones that he might not of been prepared for but I was more than ready to let him in on the truth in our cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy. Every messy, sticky detail of the truth.

Course I only told him after I made him start to lick up the cream pie. Ohhh wait that is sort of jumping to the middle of the story. There is so much more to this cuckold fantasy. Think you best call and let me make you my bitch boyfriend!

Just ask for Arianna

fetish phone sex

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Erotic Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Happy New Year!

Before you ask mine was a very quiet new years this year. Ended up staying home and just watching movies in between erotic phone sex calls. No thats not how I intended to spend my NYE but its just how it happened. Mainly due to the weather the last week.

erotic phone sex

Where I am located was hit with the storm of the century so most my friends didnt have power till around Christmas and pretty much everyone was cleaning up or accessing the damage. So we just decided to forgo the big party thing and keep it quiet.

First I was sort of like ehhhh NYE alone that bites! Then I kind of got into the idea. Grabbed a bunch of munchies made my favorite dish for dinner and sat back in my tshirt n panties watching some movies.

Ohhh and add in the erotic phone sex calls from you guys it kind of ended up being the perfect night. I know weird right?

Seems I wasnt the only one spending the night home alone either. A number of you opted to give your favorite erotic phone sex girl a call and end the year being teased and denied a bit. Nothing like ringing in the new year with some blue balls. Ok so perhaps you didnt intend to have blue balls but you know I cant help but deny you and orgasm or two.

Its just so much fun!

Perhaps 2019 should be the year of denial. I am actually liking the idea the more I think about this. See how long you can have your cock edged. You can give me a call at the number below.

Just ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Bisexual Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

So I was sucking on my first candy cane of the holiday season. I cant say that I am a big lover of candy canes but every so often you just gotta dive in and have one to bring back that flash of Christmas delight. Course as I was sucking that long thin stick my kinky phone sex fetish brain clicked in. I can never really help myself when it will activate. But my mind ran off into cock teasing and then into cock sucking and well bisexual phone sex fantasies.

bisexual phone sex fantasy

See the idea of twirling that stick in my mouth had me wondering if any of you wanna be cock suckers are out there sucking on them peppermint sticks and thinking if only it was a real dick!

Perhaps thats your Holiday wish this season to actually take a big thick cock down the back of your throat!

Now I cant bring you a cock for Christmas. Wish I could but you know logistics and all. But what I can do for you is one hot, no taboo, cock sucking bisexual phone sex fantasy. Ok so that is a mouthful but I just really wanted you to get use to using your mouth to its full potential haha.

So if your in the mood for some bisexual fantasy fun that has you dropping to your knees to run your tongue up and down a throbbing hard cock then give me a call. Cause I know I am in the mood today to have some naughty fun.

Course we can make it a hot threesome or a cuckold fantasy or just you and that cock. I am flexible when it comes to kinky fantasies like that.

Just ask for Arianna!

fetish phone sex

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Sensual Tease Phone Sex Vixen Arianna

Now every girl who does phone is rather different. We all have different styles and enjoy talking about different things on the phone. Myself… I am a tease at heart. My soft voice lends itself to being a sensual domme but I really have to say I am a soft sensual domme. That means I love to tease. So if your idea of being dominated by a woman has you getting teased endlessly by a soft voiced vixen then Helllo! I am the girl for you.

sensual tease phone sex

What does this mean for me. Well I am not gonna be yelling orders to you. That hardcore dominatrix stuff is wicked and I envy the girls who can do it but I cant. Not sure why. I prefer to be more the gfe type indulging in the cuckold type fetishes and fantasies where I tease you by denying you my pussy cause I want a real man. Then there is the humiliation of making you suck cock cause well I can.

I am more into the sensual art of dominating someone. The taking my time and exploring the fetish verse the quick trip to the end.

Why do I mention this?

Well cause it was something that sort of arouse during my last call. Not that he was complaining I wasnt some strict domme but more that is what attracted him to me. He had read my blog and loved that I was more a sensual tease phone sex vixen. Someone who would take my time and explore every facet of his fetish.

That we were on no time crunch. Our time was really to be spent on rewiring his thinking into being the perfect pet for me…. His new sensual mistress. Or as he called me his Angel.

Gotta say that did have a nice ring too it.

Yes I know I am teasing you right now as you read this both him and you, wondering what am I training him to be?

Well simply I am training him to be a cock sucking slut. See he will soon be on his knees at every wonderful gloryhole and bathhouse in Atlanta sucking back loads of cock. This is the first introduction to the Atlanta gloryhole slut. He is off figuring out what size dildos to buy so he can impress his sensual tease phone sex vixen with his new cock sucking abilities.

Looking forward to the wonderful journey with you AGS!


fetish phone sex

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