Kinky Phone Sex Conversations with Arianna

Was having a conversation with a guy today about the joy of phone sex fantasies now that he is married. For its a way for him to express himself in a sexual way with another person without getting “in trouble” so to speak.

Its rather funny when I started doing phone sex I never thought about who I would be talking to. I mean I knew I would be talking to men but the concept of who was on the other end of the phone ever crossed my mind. I was more focused on what the topic would be. If that makes any sense.

kinky phone sex conversation

Even to this day, I never really ask someone if they are married or single for that feel so minor to me. You know why you call. The fact your attached or doesnt means little to me for a taboo talk over the phone is really why we are here. The exchange of sexual ideas resulting in the most amazing release.

Sure over the years I have discovered with some of my gfe guys that they are single and some are attached funny enough. I am that girl they come to for conversations they just cant quite talk to their other halves about. I find that rather erotic really. Always thought of myself as the appetizer to the main course. 🙂

The conversation I had with the gentleman tonight it was all about  when him and his wife were dating she was engaging into things more freely. She was a bit more freaky now that they are married that freaky nature has diminished and he missed that. So he reaches for some kinky phone sex conversations to satisfy his needs.

I will say no matter the reason you call be it some kinky fetish you cant share or just not being meet at home. You can always call me, Arianna, definitely love to hear what gets you excited. I can be your sweet little warm up before you head home or that naughty treat on the side. I promise not to tell 🙂

Just ask for Arianna


fetish phone sex

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Ass Fetish Phone Sex Hypnosis with Arianna

ass fetish phone sex hypnosis


Recently, a male friend opened up to me that he had an ass fetish. Yes I have no clue how I get into these conversations at all. Other than to say there was some degree of inebriation on his end and well once he brought things up I started poking the bear. You know I cant help it. I am curious by nature.

So my friend was in a rather down mood for he was saying that no one understood him and he insatiable appetite for eating out women’s asses. Umm ya I can see that. He was extremely animated as most drunks are.

Seems poor B has gone nearly a year without tasting a women’s fine derriere. Not sure why he had to demonstrate in the air the whole opening of butt cheeks and tonguing of the asshole but he did. So we kept talking. I know that he has gone out with a variety of types of women from thin to big and tall to small. So wanted to know if he had a preference on girl shape.

Oh man that was dangerous. First off man with an ass fetish who has been deprived will not turn down a willing ass apparently. Then he said he loved a nice round booty. Something he could grab onto for some girls its a wild ride and you need a good grip. Then its the how deep you have to dive to get that delicious rosebud. He wants to work for it but not strain for it, straining will have him tire quicker.

Nothing but truth comes out of a drunks mouth I tell you.

Mind you he just thought I was asking random questions but really it was all things that I find interesting for any ass fetish phone sex hypnosis calls. His odd desires to act things out helped me to see the man perspective and ensure in a very weird way that I give you guys a very realistic ass worship hypno call. So when your like my friend your able to feel like your there every delectable, hip grabbing moment of it.

Sure you can say I am a horrible friend for using him at that moment but he got to open up entirely to a person eager to hear those details. Some could of stayed locked away. Really stayed locked away.

Looking forward to spinning an ass fetish hypno tale on you. Have you sniffing those rose bud juices and more.


fetish phone sex

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Sexy Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Sensual Goddess Arianna

Being a Canadian girl I have to admit I often forget how women’s legs can have a sensual seduction power over guys. Sure my legs look amazing in yoga pants or skinny jeans but there is just something about bare legs in shorts or a mini skirt come these hot summer months. Guys with a leg fetish completely understand what I am talking about. Dont you?

I mean seems thats all that has been on your mind when  you ring me up. Arianna can we do a leg fetish phone sex fantasy? Do you do leg worship fantasies? Oh how I wanna worship your amazing legs?

I cant really tell them no! After all my legs are pretty amazing. I am not one to visit a tanning booth so this sun kissed glow is just that from the time I spend in the sun. Just a soft glow as I love applying sunscreen on my body. Sure I could use those spray sunscreens but I still believe in the cream base ones and you perverted guys know just why. It gets you excited to watch that creamy lotion squirt from the bottle and form that white line up my leg.

Sorry is this too much detail? Are you getting excited and thinking this would be the perfect Summer time leg fetish phone sex fantasy to do with your sensual goddess Arianna?

I happen to think you are correct which is why perhaps you should call me and we can finish off this kinky role play.

Just ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Arianna’s Obedient Phone Sex Slave 952

obedient phone sex slave

It has been a very long time since I heard “Goddess Arianna its your slave 952.” Will not lie it did take me a moment to recognize the voice for the numbers that came out of that phone sex submissive’s mouth were rather muffled by his nerves. That quiver in the back of his throat as he hoped I would accept him back into the fold of being mine again.

My submissive.

My obedient slave.

My 952.

Now granted I could of ended the fluttering of butterflies in his stomach and just said yes but that isnt my style. You all know me as a sensual teasing domme and well that is who I shall be. So when it comes to putting someone at ease that knows me very well, as is the case of obedient phone sex slave 952, you bet your fucking spanked ass I was gonna tease him.

Let those butterflies toil and tumble around as I question who it was? Sorry what? I dont think I know a 9 what is the number you mumble to me?

Granted I didnt let him hover around in trepidation for long. I means sure that is fun but I am not that vicious. I wanted him to really fall back into servitude. To have his entire essence belong to me once again. Not that it ever didnt but to refresh his mind that gaps in serving really didnt help in being my obedient phone sex slave.

Just him saying out his numbers had him remembering why he signed his soul over to me. That softness of my control that had him wanting and needing to belong to me.

Oh and obedient slave 952 currently your being very naughty, as your Goddess is missing some sunnies to help protect her delicate eyes from the sun. I know this is a gross oversight and you will correct it quickly.

Just ask for Arianna when you call.


fetish phone sex

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Goddess Arianna

panty boy phone sex

When it comes time to play with my boyfriend we never run out of things to do in the bedroom. Usually I dont go full on teasing phone sex goddess on him. Its one of those sly little secrets I hide from him but he does sense this dominating presence about me he just cant figure it out. I rather like that he cant put his finger on what makes me so different. That has him feeling all man in control one minute and asking for permission the next.
Those that have called me know all to well what my boyfriend is going through hahah. Well the other day we were hanging out for a nice weekend of netflix and chillin when I was in that mood. The mood to take control of him. Not a subtle time of control either talking full on dominate my boyfriends ass. So the week leading up to his visit I thought long and hard about how I was gonna break him into my dominating him. Then it hit me pretty simple actually most of it had to do with the fetish phone sex calls that I had experienced that week.
When he showed up we had a great Friday night all love and sex and him doing his thing. Till we got to him cumming thats when I took control of the situation. Sorry babe but I am not gonna let you come over and cum so quickly. Ms Arianna is fully in control now.
Told him if his orgasm was really important to him he had to work towards it. Course he was all ears with that raging hard on pumping hard between his legs. Anything baby, ANYTHING!
Good. I want you to wear my dirty panties all night long while we go watch a movie.
Now you would of thought that erection would of instantly dropped hearing that but nope my freak of a boyfriend had precum dripping out of him the moment he saw my panties spinning on my finger. Ya I think he was a closet panty boy haha.
He happily slid into those cream colored cotton panties with the pink hearts on them. Thought the hearts added that extra bit of girlie-ness.
He wore them happily out of that bedroom and into the living room. His sweet ass shaking back and forth.
I know your a panty boy and probably all excited by what I did to my boyfriend. Curious if anyone has done this to you?
Call and let me know.
Just ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Voyeur Phone Sex with Arianna

voyeur phone sex

There is something about being a voyeur. The rush of being caught doing something very private in public. Now I know your going Arianna what have you been up too? Well to be honest I am not one for being an exhibitionist. Usually if I am caught doing something naughty in public its by accident. However, I do have a few callers that adore calling while they are engaging in their voyeuristic activities.

The conversations range from telling me their latest time they got busted masturbating in public or their new favorite location. The excitement as they are talking to me during their voyeur phone sex fantasy and all of the sudden the topic is dropped as the excitement heats up for someone is about to bust them.

I have to say that as much as I am not ready to go to that voyeur place of performing for some random stranger I do get really excited hearing the stories. Like almost makes me want to go out and have some fun where I could have someone watch me. NOT quite there but almost the fantasy has rolled through my mind during masturbating from the comforts of my bed. Yes I know such a chicken hahah.

Just grateful that guys are willing to share their most intimate voyeur fantasies with me and I can masturbate to them both on and off the phone. Like this one particular voyeur phone sex caller loves sharing his stories and his latest one was how he had figured out not only the mail lady’s routine time but also the business office lady’s errand run routine as well so that he is in prime location jerking off his cock in the hopes both ladies will see him. Now that is some serious dedication dont you think?

His stories are awesome and always love hearing them even the quick dart he makes to his front window to start jerking off when a car drives by. I really hope one day he gets busted masturbating when we are on the phone, that would be the ultimate.

Do you have a voyeur story or fantasy? Love to hear it give me a call and lets chat.


fetish phone sex

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Ass Worship Phone Sex with Arianna

ass worship phone sex

Any fetish that has me being adored and treated like a goddess I am definitely all over. Which is why I am drawn to ass worship phone sex fantasies. Well really any fetish that will have a man paying attention to any part of my body will have me laying back in delight.

Now granted John didnt know this about myself that I am all about men paying close attention to my derriere. Mind you he did know that I labelled sensual domination with a teasing twist in my profile so he was asking about that. I am all for men asking what that means for everyone has their own ideas of what they are looking for in the way of phone domination. Some want a mean mistress and others want someone who will tease them and be softer around the edges. I am the latter for sure. I am a sweet person and cant break in to that mean girl cause its not natural to me. Mind  you saying that dont get in your head oh this girl doesnt know how to dominate for I crave to be in control of the situation but just in a more teasing nature so that is where sensual domination comes in perfect for me. Yes I am heavy on the sensual side of things.

Back to the ass worshiping. John wanted a girl to provide some humiliation and domination aspect to his ass worship phone sex fantasy. I had him down on his back so that I could use his face as my personal throne in which to sit upon panty less and  use his face as my own personal sex toy. Making him lick and well lick some more till I was well satisfied. It was far too exciting to watch him get excited and know his erection was just out of his hands reached for those hands were spreading my ass cheeks wide open.

I know such a horrible tease but you get the picture on what its like being with a sexual domme who adores teasing.

What would your ideal ass worship phone sex fantasy be like?



fetish phone sex

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Acceptance As a Phone Sex Submissive

phone sex submissive

Its always interesting to read the words straight from a phone sex submissive pets lips. Not my interpretation but their own words expressed from them. Which is exactly what this blog is about. 952 Expressing the joy. The excitement. The longing. The struggle as he accepts what he is. MINE!

I am 952.

That is the number my mistress has assigned me, and therefore it is my identity.

My friends don’t know. My bosses don’t know. My wife certainly doesn’t know. But I am 952, and I love it.

For the past few weeks, I have resisted becoming Mistress’ pet. I fought, resisted. I would ask her not to respond to me; ask her to ignore me. And she did. And I thought everything was fine and OK. But the truth is, she had planted a seed deep inside of me. I didn’t merely want to belong to Mistress.

I was owned by Mistress.

I was her possession.

She wasn’t mine.

I was completely hers.

I have, at long last, accepted this. I work for her now. I belong to her now. Whatever she wishes is what I will do. I am in the process of being fully reprogrammed to her liking. Ultimately, I expect I will be her mindless, obedient pet.

It’s my destiny. Why fight any longer?

I surrender, Mistress.

I surrender.

Do you long to become a phone sex submissive? Looking for the right Mistress to surrender too? Someone who isnt over the top scream and yell at you but more soft and sensual. Then your search may very well be over after a call with myself.


fetish phone sex

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Blackmail Phone Sex Slut with Mistress Arianna

blackmail phone sex

So the earlier in the week I ran into a blackmail slut, he had read a few of my blackmail phone sex blogs and well just had to get to find more. More in the way about me and how I manipulate the callers into giving up the information.

Well the answer may surprise you.

I dont have to manipulate.

See I will admit that I am not like the hardcore blackmail bitches out there. I dont play the same mind games they do. There is not pushing you to some crazy limit that has you afraid to sneeze for fear of well who knows what all they do really. I have my own style of erotic blackmail phone sex that is very much consensual meaning you want and need to give that information over. Plus my sweet charms and addictive ways have you needing to give me your vital stats.

Now that is not to say I dont get your hear racing with the games I do play but there are strict limits on where I will not go. You may email or message me for those details on of the biggies is accessing any of your accounts. I think letting you know where I stand on such a fetish is important for I would hate to mislead anyone who seeks someone willing to push the boundaries.

Course after explaining this to Steven Kelly he was about to hang up after our 10 minute call and move on to someone else who was more fitting of a blackmail phone sex slut. Which is perfectly fine and I had fully expected it to be honest. Except he didnt. He was starting to feel weak and captivated by my voice and laugh. He thought there was something more to me. That even though I didnt go to the limits of what he desired it might be a fun cat and mouse game none the less. For he was looking for someone to go into his accounts, take over things and well more.

So why was this New Jersey guy with a fondness for promoting models on facebook looking to be blackmailed or really what could he be called out on. He likes to dress up in woman’s lingerie and often times lock himself up in chastity. Pretty sure this only happens when his part time model girlfriend goes on work assignments but none the less he does do it.

Think Steven ended up being really surprised what a sweet Canadian phone sex girl would do. Dont let the cute smile fool you I do enjoy teasing you with the information you so willingly hand over. Right now I have a little book filled with blackmail sluts. Hope he has a good weekend since he thought I would never post this.

Gotcha! I did hahah. So much for thinking you were safe.


fetish phone sex

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Mind Fuck Phone Sex with Mistress Arianna

mind fuck phone sex

What happens if your wishes were to suddenly to come true? Would you be elated beyond belief or would you run scared that someone was able to make them happen?

Seems odd that you would be scared when your getting your dreams and desires but that happened to my caller I just literally blogged about for he was in search of a mistress to take control of his mind and basically fuck with it so that he would become addicted. This mind fuck phone sex call was exactly what he wanted for a very long time how ever he freaked out. Now I could explain what happened from my perspective but I instead got him to explain in his words what is happening after his addicting erotic hypnosis phone sex call with this sexy Goddess.

Mind Fuck Slaves words:

I love my Mistress Arianna.

I don’t want to love her. It’s hard to explain. I do want to and I don’t want to. I do, because I have no choice. Her thoughts have become my thoughts; her needs have become my needs. All I do is think about our next call, and how I can please her and worship her and become drawn closer to her. We’ve done several hypnosis sessions, and at the conclusion of each one I think to myself, “Yes. What Mistress tells me is the truth. I am her possession. I love her.” Then, as the time fades, I think, “No, this is not good for me. I have a wife. Responsibilities.”

But then I think more about her; her needs; her wishes; becoming her pet; her servant. Belonging to a goddess and being slowly transformed into her possession.

And I melt.

And I call again.

Couldn’t of said it any better myself and very well written dear slave who has been dubbed slave 952 after our last mind fuck phone sex call. Sure this is only the start of what will be a wonderful addicting relationship.

Welcome to being Miss Arianna’s slave.


fetish phone sex

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