Phone Sex Sissy Boy Dress Up Fun with Arianna

How many sissy boys are out there enjoying the summer fashions that are in the stores? From the few guys I have spotted in the women’s section of some local clothing shops I say quite a few are indulging in the flowy summer dresses. Loving the short and maxi dresses with the vibrant summer colors.

sissy boy phone sex

Before I started to doing fetish phone sex in general I never paid much attention to those guys. Just assumed they were brave enough to buy clothes for their girlfriends. However, NOW that I have chatted with a few phone sex sissy boys I know that those men holding up the cute clothes in the women department are probably buying the stuff for themselves.

I especially giggle when I see a guy in the clearance section for if sissy phone sex has taught me anything you guys love a good bargain for your secret fetish play. This way you can get even more pretty clothes to dress up in for the weekend.

So tell me what item of clothing or lingerie have you bought this summer that has your sissy self feeling super girlie?

Love to hear what grabs your attention when your out shopping. Perhaps it was something you never thought you would like.

Know for myself there is always one item I will buy be it a color or style that I end up just loving. I am super girly and love wearing dresses through the summer. From fun flowery prints to just plain and simple. Short or long. I cant get enough of those summer dresses.

Ok sissy boys give me a call and lets have some dress up fun.

Chat about clothing, make up and more.

Just ask for Arianna.


fetish phone sex

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Hot Teacher Phone Sex Role Play with Arianna

Yesterday I got to be one bad teacher in a student/teacher phone sex role play. I know most would expect me to probably play the part of the student but with this particular guy he is rather hot for teacher.

Our fantasy usually has him being kept behind after class due to him being distracted or just not looking like he is grasping the stuff we are covering in class. Course being the observant teacher I have to find out what is going on and why he isnt staying on top of things.

hot teacher phone sex role play

This time our hot teacher phone sex role play was one where he was distracted. As I am questioning why he was distracted and that he could simply tell me anything its all for his improvement in class. Trying not to have him fall behind you know. I am pacing in front of him in my dark pencil skirt and black patent leather pumps, trying to tidy up the class. Bending over and what not.

Course his eyes are watching my hips sway back and forth. Listening to my heels on the tiled floor.

The blood starts to flow in his body and well his pants are getting tighter and tighter. Which has him fidgeting even more than he was in class.

Typical style he wont open up to me and my sitting on the corner of my desk to talk to him with my shoe slipping on and off my heel really isnt helping him.

Seems this naughty student has a bit of a foot fetish and looking at my sexy heel slip in and out is driving him mad with excitement. He wants to look but cant. A few more slips and he is breaking telling me how he is distracted in class by myself. All he wants to do is watch me walk around in sexy shoes.

Now of course there is far more to this hot teacher phone sex fantasy but for now I am gonna just leave you with that tease. I mean you knew I would be a tease as a teacher right?

You can have me be your naughty teacher in your very own student/teacher fantasy. Am just a phone call away.

Just ask for Arianna when the dispatcher answers.

fetish phone sex

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Body Worship Phone Sex with Sensual Domme Arianna

All this nice weather has got me longing for a body worship phone sex fantasy. The sort that starts out with teasing you with some part of my body. Most likely the area that will make your cock throb in your pants. See I think body worship starts long before your hands or mouth even reach my skin it starts with the mental play.

Seeing me across the table with that dress thats dip down low enough to show my cleavage that happens to be pushed up just perfectly.

body worship phone sex

Catching a glimpse of the lace from my bra.

Watching as my necklace rises and falls with each breath.

Wishing you were my necklace at that particular moment.

Then remembering its not nice to just stare.

Wishing you could stare without being rude.

Not caring its rude cause in your mind you have taken my dress off 50 different ways.

See your heart is already racing and you havent laid a single finger on me. Your cock is getting that aching feeling with only your fantasies of what you would do to my body. That is what I am talking about. The tease before the body worship starts.

For then when you do manage to get to the body worship. When your allowed to touch and savor my body your cock is aching beyond believe and my body does become that temple of sinful delight. The temptation has been built up so much in your mind that you simply can not stand it.

For its in that moment of temptation that I take control.

Take control of your body and the way you interact with mine.

Your cock will throb harder and harder for me.

I will be the one to tell you when your allowed to touch not just my body but yours as well.

See being a sensual domme is so much fun when you add in a splash of teasing.

So who is ready for some body worship phone sex with this sexual teasing domme? Just have to ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Arianna’s Cuckold Fantasy

Every so often I will get someone asking what turns me on in the way of sexy fantasies. What has me reaching underneath my panties to touch my trimmed pussy. Well normally I have to think a bit cause there are a few things that will get me going from watching some porn to the idea of cheating on my boyfriend in a cuckold fantasy.

cuckold fantasy

For the longest, time the cuckold fantasy was just that something that came and went. However, the last few years its been pretty strong. The idea of what it would be like to fuck someone else in front of my boyfriend.

Cant say this is necessarily my idea but it was more something that stemmed from a boyfriend a few years ago. We had tossed around the idea. Talked about it when we were in the heat of the moment. Me sucking his cock saying wouldnt it be hot if my lips were wrapped around another man’s dick right now and you were laying here watching me suck him off?

That cuckold dirty talk started to become a mainstay with our foreplay. I wasnt complaining for I had some very intense orgasms the moment my boyfriend would whisper in my ear. “Gawd I wish there was a cream pie in your pussy right now.”

Yup every time would send me right over the edge!

Unfortunately, we are no longer together and the idea of cuckolding my boyfriend has simply become a fantasy. Least I get to talk to you guys about being a cheating girlfriend. So its not all bad but I do rather pity the next boyfriend for I am probably gonna cuck him before he even clued in to what happen.

Well that might not be a bad thing if he has been cucked in the past.

Do you wanna join in on my cuckold fantasy? Just give me a call!

fetish phone sex

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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Arianna

Had an interesting conversation with a stocking fetish guy the other night. That for him to satisfy his kink he literally has to look to porn for not many women wear stockings or nylons well hosiery in general now a days. I pretty much hang my head in shame cause I fall into that grouping. The only time I really wear them is when I am dating someone who has a bit of a stocking fetish and I want to tease him in public.

Horrible right?

I mean I shouldnt be just thinking of the guy I am dating for there are far more men out there who I could be seducing with my sexy legs while they are encased in silky hosiery. Its not that I dont like them its just that I never think to dig into my dresser drawer to grab any of them. Its only when I am in that teasing mode. Well the mode that will have me getting fucked really.

stocking fetish

Thinking I need to put a post it on my mirror with Arianna are you wearing a dress today? If yes put on some fucking nylons and tease those men into some blue balls. Lure them into some kinky fantasy that has them begging to worship your legs.

Ok so the last part is a bit far fetched but you know a girl can dream.

Well all those thoughts lead into a wild erotic hypnosis phone sex call around his fetish for stockings. Teasing him and tempting him with what makes him weak. Have to say I am loving how our time goes. It wont be long before he is wearing panty hose 24/7.

Ooo perhaps I shouldnt of said that considering my hypnotic triggers are still in the basic stages such as going to purchase nylons and enjoy masturbating with them.

Big dreamer what can I say!


fetish phone sex

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Erotic Trance with a Panty Hose wearing Cross Dresser

My erotic trance has been working quite well with a certain fellow and his stocking fetish. Well actually its more than a stocking fetish for he would call himself a closet cross dresser. Your typical guy who loves dressing up in pretty silky things only to toss them once he is done playing so no one discovers his “dirty” little secret.

erotic trance phone sex

Well that dress n purge has changed since he started drifting under my sensual hypnotic trance. See with the help of a few wonderful triggers he can experience dressing up without the actual dressing up. Before you cross dressers boo the thought. It comes in rather handy when you want to play but done have the opportunity to spend the time in those pretty clothing. So instead we do a little dress up within the mind. Consider it a quick fix to what your body needs.

Course with my dear stocking lover its more than just a quick fix for he wants to be able to shed the whole purge action for all these wonderful clothes. So with the help of a few hypnotic triggers I am giving him that extra little nudge into purchasing items that he can get super excited over and keep them a secret. Like wearing panty hose under his pants at work.

Sure most cross dressers know this sort of secret but some are nervous and scared about wearing women’s clothing under their every day items. So I will just give them that extra boost they need to know its alright to wear things. You can hide your kinky secret and feel sexy everyday.

That little trigger worked for stocking boy as he was off purchasing panty hose and wearing them. Not sure if he was wearing them to work but he was most definitely craving that silky encasement of those control tops during our next erotic hypnosis phone sex call.

A call where he was beyond excited to have those  pantyhose on.

Rather fun listening to him drift down and down into my hypnotic trance and pushing his boundaries a bit more every time. Wont be long before he is a full time panty hose wearer.

You can reach me at the number below just ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Get Intoxicated with Fetish Phone Babe Arianna

In the middle of the night a certain person called to invite me to a party. Yes for most it would be too late to even consider such an invite but really you couldnt turn this sort of one down. For he was a kinky fellow looking for a girl to party with through the night. Someone who wouldnt mind if he was racing down a few slopes on his way to erotic ecstasy. Yes you know who you are for you follow my kinky phone sex blog quite often.

fetish phone babe

That is how he knew I would be up to help him not only party though the night but enjoy each kinky tale he could come up with. Mind you most of his dirty tales involved me sitting on his face. Smothering him with my sexy ass. Wait perhaps I should back up with how I found him when I entered his hotel room…..

See he was on all four barking like a dog waiting for my sexy ass to show up. Yes it was quite a shock to see a grown man down on his hands and knees barking away but was more hilarious was the fact there was a pretty leather collar on the floor that he was nudging with his nose towards me. Seems this fetish phone babe was about to acquire a new pet.

Yup after a few snow hill races this doggie was eager to worship my ass. Funny little confession from the doggie. He had no desire for women’s asses unless his head was spinning under the white cloud of snow. Amazing what we do while intoxicated.

Whats even funnier is that the more lines he did the dirtier he wanted my ass like he was even willing to allow his tongue to be my toilet paper. I know talk about kinky right? Hey who am I to judge someones kinky fantasy its all kind of fun.

So that leaves this fetish phone babe to wonder what sort of things do you crave to do when your intoxicated? Sure there are a few taboo fantasies that sound hotter when your under the influences. Give me a call and lets talk about them. Anything truly goes!


fetish phone sex

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Sensual Hypnosis Phone Sex with Arianna

Last night I got to spend some time with a guy brand new to sensual hypnosis phone sex. Cant really say what had him drawn to it other than he liked the idea of handing over complete control to a woman. Well who wouldnt right?

sensual hypnosis phone sex

He had no limits and I will firmly admit that its great when someone comes to you with no limits. However, when its someones first time with erotic hypnosis I kind of like to keep things fairly tame. Dont wanna have them running off scared. So I probably stick to more sensual aspect of hypno than anything else. Least till we get to know each other and I can have a feel for the other person over the phone. Even thought I keep things tamer trust me you will still have a good time.

So keeping that in mind I focused on some fun cock control. Which happens to be my favorite thing whether the person is under a trance or not. Guiding and controlling every touch their cock gets. So much fun. Well least for me haha. The best is controlling their orgasm which means taking them to the edge of an orgasm over and over again.

Well my new hypno stroker found out exactly the thrill that happens when under my trance and bring him to the edge of his orgasm.

Controlling how his hand strokes his cock.

Controlling when he can touch.

Controlling how aroused he gets.

Leaving him utterly breathless.

It was a very fun cock controlling sensual hypnosis call. Cant wait till I do it again.

Please remember that with a sensual hypnosis phone sex call it does take a bit more time so have a minimum of 30 minutes available. You never want to rush this experience.


fetish phone sex

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Erotic Phone Sex Cock Tease Arianna

Hard to believe the end of the year is upon us. Seriously having one of those moments where I am going where did 2017 go?

Ohhh wait I know!

It went with me being one fucking awesome cock tease to all those men who called me with their erotic phone sex fantasies., from orgasm edging to denial. Each and every moment was oh so much fun.

erotic phone sex cock tease

Now this brings your phone sex cock tease to what she wants to do for the last few days of 2017. Well hmmm let me think about this. Toy with your cock and make sure your balls are aching for me.

To be honest I am thinking it would be wildly wicked to spend the next few days doing some orgasm edging and have you really aching for that cum explosion. Now that could be some interesting fireworks for when the clock hits midnight.

Me instrucking you to stroke your cock and spray a thick jizz load into the air like fireworks. Actually the more I think about it the more pleasing it sounds.

How about we create our own firework display through some orgasm edging with your favorite erotic phone sex cock tease. Just give me a call and lets make the rest of 2017 something to remember! Ask for Arianna.

fetish phone sex

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Erotic Phone Sex Girlfriend Arianna

You have probably seen my blogs pop up on various fetishes and fantasies from time to time and maybe even looked for me. Well you can find my sexy ass taking erotic phone sex calls during the evening hours. I have always been a bit of a night owl and enjoy curling up in the wee morning hours for some erotic conversations. There is just something so naughty about the last thing on my mind being a dirty conversation I had with a like minded individual over the phone. Sure you can agree. Plus who doesnt love to end the day with a very intense orgasm.

Now phone sex to me has never been about who can or cant get fucked. Its more about not being able to share your most erotic or taboo sexual desires. Those fantasies you tuck away and masturbate to. Those sinful desires that you dare not share with anyone for fear they may not understand what really turns you on about them.

erotic phone sex girlfriend

Eventually you want to share those desires with someone. To hear yourself say them allow verses run the mantra over and over in your head. To have someone else act out the steamy erotic scenario with you. To have them say wow that is really hot I understand why you get so turned on by it. Or better yet someone to take your erotic fantasy and change up the story line a bit add a different twist. Well as an erotic phone sex girl that is exactly what I do. For I never judge what turns you on in fact its rather interesting and fascinating to hear what turns someone on. I enjoy listening to someone stumble to find the right words to explain a fantasy they have jerked off to for ever. To have them try and find that perfect word when really they know it just are too shy to say it.

There is no need to be shy or embarrassed when you call me for I have heard many a things. I never think anything less of you in fact its thrilling you opted to share your deepest sexual fantasy with me. I only hope that I can bring some extra excitement to your fantasy. So when I ask you a number of questions its only cause I really want to make things perfect for you since your sharing something so personal.

What sort of prompted this blog was some sharing of fantasies that seemed like first time for guys which was just so super awesome. Hopefully its the start of something more 🙂


fetish phone sex

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